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Outlander fans, brace yourselves for another tantalizing wait. The series, renowned for its blend of romance, adventure, and time travel, has wrapped up its midseason finale, leaving viewers both eager and anxious for what’s to come in 2024.

While the latter half of season 7 remains on the horizon, the producers have unveiled a teaser to whet our appetites. Hinting at dramatic turns and intense moments, the teaser whispers of a brewing storm. Will our beloved characters weather it? Only time will tell.

‘Outlander’ teaser promises a ‘storm is coming’ after Droughtlander ends

Outlander has just concluded its midseason finale, highlighting another eventful chapter for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). It is disappointing that the latter half of season 7 won’t air until 2024. However, the showrunners have generously provided a teaser to tide fans over during this extended hiatus.

The YouTube teaser starts with Claire asking Jamie, “Are you in danger?”. The clip is followed by an announcement that Outlander’s final season will return in the coming year. 

The promo culminates with brief snapshots of the main characters and an intriguing message: “A storm is coming.”

Sadly, the teaser doesn’t reveal any specific date about when Outlander will return. Still, it’s good to know that they’re planning for a premiere date in 2024. 

Hollywood is navigating through an actors and writers’ strike, causing delays in numerous productions. Once these strikes conclude, filming will commence for the final episodes of season 7. However, the precise return date for Outlander remains uncertain.

Fans are left with questions ahead of the last Droughtlander

There have been a few Droughtlanders over the last seven seasons of Outlander. This includes the two-year interval between the fifth season and the curtailed sixth, due to the pandemic. Much like previous pauses, this midseason finale leaves several questions unanswered.

A prevailing uncertainty involves Roger (Richard Ranking) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton). In the midseason finale, they come to a startling realization: Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton) has spirited their child away to the 18th century. Rob’s intention? He seeks to leverage Jemmy (Matthew Adair) to uncover a stash of French treasure in a cavern near Fraser’s Ridge.

Despite being aware of the risks tied to his lineage, Buck (Diarmaid Murtagh) agrees to accompany Roger on the mission to rescue Jemmy.

As they prepare for the voyage, the family gathers at the stones of Craigh Na Dun. With Jemmy’s scarf in hand, Roger and Buck pass through the stones, leaving Bree and Mandy (Rosa Morris) behind. 

A look at Jamie and Claire’s story heading into the last season of ‘Outlander’

Jamie sustained several injuries during the initial skirmish at Saratoga in the previous episode of Outlander. However, with Claire’s timely intervention against opportunistic marauders, the pair plunged back into the thick of battle shortly after that.

During the subsequent clash at Saratoga, tragedy strikes as Jamie’s kin, Simon Fraser (Clive Russell), sustains a fatal gunshot. Post-battle, Jamie pays a somber visit to Simon, witnessing his final moments in the confines of a camp tent.


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Subsequently, General Gates (Ged Simmons) approaches the Frasers with a request: to transport Simon’s remains to Scotland for interment. 

Facilitating this, Gates coordinated for Claire, Jamie, and Ian (John Bell) to journey aboard a British vessel. Gates has ensured their safe departure from the throes of war and facilitated their return to familiar shores.

The season’s latter segment concludes with Jamie grappling with his habitual seasickness alongside Claire and Ian aboard the ship. With the Scottish shoreline emerging on the horizon, Outlander has set the stage for the final season.