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Outlander and The Nevers star Laura Donnelly is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an upcoming project. The actor will star in the Disney+ special Werewolf By Night.

Laura Donnelly in 'The Nevers'
Laura Donnelly in ‘The Nevers’ | Keith Bernstein/HBO

Laura Donnelly is known for her roles on ‘Outlander’ and ‘The Nevers’

Donnelly is an Irish actor who won viewers over with her portrayal of Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) sister, Jenny Murray, in Outlander. She last appeared in season 3 of the STARZ series. And Outlander fans have been pining for her return ever since. 

But Donnelly isn’t coming back to Outlander, at least not anytime soon. She’s currently the star of the HBO Max fantasy series, The Nevers. On the show, which Joss Whedon created, Donnelly plays Amalia True, a time-traveling soldier that winds up in Victorian-era London amidst a mysterious emergence of superpowered women. 

Laura Donnelly will appear in Marvel’s ‘Werewolf By Night’

As reported by Deadline, Donnelly is taking on a new project for Marvel. The actor joins the cast of Werewolf By Night, a Halloween special expected to air on Disney+.

She will appear opposite Gael Garcia Bernal, the actor reportedly playing the titular Marvel character. In Marvel comics, Werewolf By Night is a hero who can shapeshift into a powerful werewolf while keeping his human emotions and senses intact. 

Donnelly’s character or plot details haven’t been revealed. But there is speculation she could portray Werewolf By Night’s niece, Nina Price, aka Vampire By Night. 

Both characters are connected to the Darkhold, the book of power that ended up in Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) hands at the end of Wandavision. So, knowing how interconnected the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, there is a chance Donnelly, and Garcia Bernal’s characters wind up crossing over into other Marvel projects. 

The ‘Outlander’ star has been looking for more action-based roles

Donnelly’s role on Outlander was based more in drama, as she portrayed a fierce mom, wife, and sister living in the Scottish countryside. But admittedly, Donnelly wanted to find a role that put her in the middle of the action. And she found that with her character in The Nevers

“[Amalia True is] amazing, complex, damaged,” Donnelly said in a 2021 interview with SYFY. “But it’s really fun to play a character that was going to stretch me dramatically, in terms of my acting, but also allow me to do fighting, which I just love doing. [The series] seemed to just have everything in it that I could possibly want all in one part.”


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In The Nevers, Donnelly did a lot of her own stunts, including an epic underwater fight scene that required her to be submerged for stretches at a time. “It was not easy, but it was so much fun,” Donnelly told Digital Spy. “I had never done anything of the sort before.”

With Donnelly’s penchant for action and drama, it’s no surprise she’s taking on this new Marvel role in Werewolf By Night. Hopefully, fans will get more updates about her character and how the project’s story fits into the MCU as the release nears.