Padma Lakshmi Swears By This ‘Funky’ Detox Drink – ‘This is Not a Treat’

Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host recently shared with fans that she’s human, naturally, and all that rich food she eats on the food competition eventually gets to her.

Here is the detox the mother of one turns to when her system has had enough.

Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi | Michael Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times

Here’s Lakshmi’s cleansing drink

The 49-year-old credits this detoxifying beverage with cleaning out her digestive system after over-indulging on the rich, cheesy, buttery, delicacies on the food competition. She calls the drink her “Cranberry Drano,” and she says it unclogs her system and gets her back on track.

She explained to Harper’s Bazaar in June 2020 that, when she’s done with work, she makes the beverage to feel like herself again.

“I usually make this funky drink to clean out all that “stuff,” she said. “And that drink is four ounces of green tea with honey, three ounces of raw, unsweetened cranberry juice, one vitamin C packet, and one big, heaping scoop of fiber powder.”

Lakshmi cautions that if anyone is going to try making this detox, they’d better drink it as soon as possible.

Lakshmi continued, “And then, I mix that all up and, depending on how fast I can drink it from when it’s made, it will either still be a liquid or literally turn into a sludge because the fiber will expand. So, it’s important to drink that fast. It’s not very pleasant, this is not a treat. This is, you know, medicine for my body because I’ve had to eat whatever funky food that I’ve had to eat.”

It took work to get her new Hulu show off the ground

The television host explained to Eater in June 2020 that her new Hulu show, Taste the Nation is a dream come true for her. However, getting the program going has been a lot of hard work, and all worth it.

“The main thing for me with this show is for good or bad,” she said, “I wanted creative control. I didn’t want somebody else to tell me how to be. I was not thinking of, okay, I have to be totally different than I am on Top Chef, or I wanted to be more comfortable, which is why my wardrobe is what it is versus what it is on Top Chef. And also would have been inappropriate in a lot of situations I was in.”

“But I really just wanted to be free. I didn’t want to have any artifice. I just wanted to ask the questions and just get the answers. And I wanted that human connection

What she would like to do in the next phase of her career

Lakshmi’s already looking to the future and what she would like to see herself doing later on. At the heart of her personality, it’s clear that Padma Lakshmi is curious, she loves to learn about other people, what makes them tick, and how we’re all not so different from one another.


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“I love to have dinner parties,” Lakshmi continued in her conversation with Eater. “And I love to curate a guest list. To me, that’s my jam. That is wonderful. And to just introduce people to each other and to hear them speak, because I want to learn. . . I want to be able to understand whatever it is. Bringing those people together is exciting to me. And I think in the next phase of my career, I would like to make a decent living doing what I naturally do for free in my own life.”