‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Says This Is Her Favorite Burger Recipe — for Now

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond may make all manner of recipes on her hugely popular Food Network show. But one dish that’s big on her list is, not surprisingly, the burger. Given that her husband, Ladd, is a cattle rancher, Drummond knows beef. And she really knows a good burger.

Here is Ree Drummond’s favorite burger recipe — for now.

Robin Roberts is in an orange shirt and talking to Ree Drummond, who is in a pink shirt and smiling
Robin Roberts and Ree Drummond on ‘Good Morning America’ | Fred Lee/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Ree Drummond is serious about burgers

While the Food Network personality was raised in Oklahoma, it was upon her marriage to Ladd that she really got to see another side of her native state.

“I was literally THE last person anyone ever pictured moving to the country,” Drummond said on her Pioneer Woman blog. “When I announced my engagement to a cowboy, my childhood friends couldn’t believe it.”

Perhaps it’s the cattle life that explains why she doesn’t fool around when it comes to burgers. Drummond won’t eat a burger unless she knows it’s exquisite in every sense.

“I’m just going to say it: when it comes to burgers, I’m high maintenance,” she wrote on her blog. “First of all, I love a good burger. Second of all, I don’t want to eat a burger if it’s not going to be a good burger. I don’t crave burgers, is what I’m saying, unless I know the burger is going to be a really, really good burger. And good burgers are hard to come by. Good burgers are few and far between.”

Ree Drummond’s favorite burger recipe (for now at least)

The chef shared on her website/food blog that for the time being, she has crowned a favorite burger recipe. But she asked fans to keep in mind that “my favorite burger changes weekly. Will keep you posted. Over and out.”

Drummond said of this burger recipe she calls “My Favorite Burger”: “This burger is so flavorful, my friends—SO flavorful. And I’ll just tell you that after half of this baby, I’m usually sufficiently full … and I can really put away some serious food most of the time. So don’t be afraid to share!”

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How to make Ree Drummond’s burger recipe

Drummond’s burger recipe calls for 2 pounds of 80/20 ground beef, salt/pepper, tabasco sauce, butter, red onion, brown sugar, mayonnaise, kaiser rolls, blue cheese, and lettuce.

The ground beef, salt, pepper, and Tabasco are combined and set aside. Then, the onions, brown sugar, and butter are cooked over low heat for 20 minutes until the onions are caramelized.

Add Tabasco to the mayonnaise, and set aside. Drummond says to form the ground meat into patties and grill over medium heat for about three minutes on each side. Top with the onions, and serve on the Kaiser rolls that have been spread with spicy mayonnaise.

As the chef said to sum up this burger: “I really love life. Because life includes this burger.”