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YouTube is home to many popular shows, but few have gained the same traction as Hot Ones by First We Feast. The series, available in bite-sized episodes on the video-sharing platform, features a disarmingly clever premise: Celebrities chow down on chicken wings doused in increasingly fiery sauces while answering questions from cool-as-a-cucumber host Sean Evans.

Although the likelihood of fans appearing on their favorite YouTube show is slim, they can participate in the spicy challenge at home. That’s thanks to officially branded Hot Ones kits, sold in supermarkets’ frozen-food aisles.

Hot Ones at Home Sean Evans
‘Hot Ones’ host Sean Evans | J. Countess/Getty Images

Hot Ones is a YouTube talk show created by Sean Evans and business partner Christopher Schonberger. Produced by First We Feast, the show premiered on YouTube in 2015, IMDb reports. The format is unique in the YouTube space, with host Evans asking celebrity guests probing, thoughtful questions as he and the star taste-test wings dipped in hot sauce.

As the sauces progress in heat from relatively mild to alarmingly spicy, the guests often struggle to focus on the questions, leading to genuinely hilarious moments. Hot Ones is now known as “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.”

Over the years, Evans has landed prominent guests on Hot Ones. Notably, Scarlett Johansson appeared in an early-2021 episode that has garnered more than 20 million views. The Marvel superstar completed the challenge even though the infamous final wing — whose sauce registered over 2 million units on the Scoville scale — had her raving that her mouth was “full of fire!”

Foodie and social media influencer Chrissy Teigen also visited Hot Ones in 2018. Although Teigen had a great time on the show, diving into the spicy wings with gusto, the cookbook author later revealed her “tongue was stripped” because of the sauces’ heat, forcing her to visit the hospital because of the pain.

Other celebs who have survived the Hot Ones gauntlet include Paul Rudd, Colin Farrell, and Pete Davidson.

Hot Ones at Home allows fans to participate

You might not get the chance to chat with Sean Evans in person, but there’s a solution for fans dying to try the wings featured on the show. Hot Ones at Home is a frozen food kit consisting of boneless chicken bites and three original branded sauces featured on the show. They include the mild Classic, the medium Los Calientes, and the infamous Last Dab Apollo.

Fans who participate in the Hot Ones at Home Challenge can record and share their reactions with the Hot Ones team on social media. To make the experience even more like the beloved YouTube series, participants can ask one another serious questions or even play truth or dare while consuming the fiery bites. 

Where can you buy the Hot Ones at Home kits?


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The Hot Ones at Home kit is new to the market, but it’s sold at a big-box retailer easily accessible to most fans. You can purchase it at participating Walmart stores and on the Walmart website for around $13.

One reviewer claims, “The last dab is the real deal — watch out.”

Another writes, “I expected the sauces to be dumbed down, but wow!!! They are incredible. The Apollo lives up to the hype. It’s easily among the hottest things I’ve tasted, and I’m not a stranger to reaper, scorpion, or ghost pepper … Los Calientes is perfect, still warm, but also flavorful and very fresh tasting. All in all, 10/10.”

Perfect for family game night or a rousing round of truth or dare among friends, Hot Ones at Home is the next-best way to experience the fun of the show that has captured the attention of pop culture fans of all ages.