Prince Harry Called Princess Diana’s Controversial ‘Panorama’ Interview ‘the Truth of Her Experience’

According to Prince Harry, the controversial Panorama interview that Princess Diana sat for in 1995 was “the truth of her experience.”

Harry and Prince William were united in condemning the BBC for the deceitful tactics journalist Martin Bashir used to get Diana to agree to the interview. But Harry claimed the conversation shed light on what his mother went through, despite the impressions she was under when she gave it.

(L) Prince Harry talks after receiving a posthumous Attitude Legacy Award on behalf of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Attitude Awards on October 12, 2017 in London, England. (R) Princess Diana during an interview with Martin Bashir for BBC's 'Panorama'.
(L) Prince Harry | Frank Augstein/WPA Pool/Getty Images (R) Princess Diana | Pool Photograph/Corbis/Getty Images

Prince Harry thanked the BBC for taking ‘accountability’ and investigating ‘Panorama’ interview with Princess Diana

During the famous interview with Bashir, Diana opened up about her experience as the would-be queen. She spoke openly about the affair between King Charles III and Queen Camilla, among other painful matters.

Charles and Diana finalized their divorce soon after her Panorama special aired.

After an investigation by the BBC found that Bashir had “deceived” Diana to get the interview, including by accusing a nanny of having an affair with Charles, Harry and William spoke out.

The future king condemned the outlet for failing their audience and Diana. He declared the interview “holds no legitimacy and should never be aired again.”

Harry released a statement, noting the problem was bigger than the BBC. “Our mother was an incredible woman who dedicated her life to service. She was resilient, brave, and unquestionably honest,” he said (Us Weekly).

“The ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took her life. To those who have taken some form of accountability, thank you for owning it,” he added. “That is the first step towards justice and truth.”

“Yet what deeply concerns me is that practices like these — and even worse — are still widespread today. Then, and now, it’s bigger than one outlet, one network, or one publication.”

Prince Harry said Princess Diana felt especially ‘compelled’ to talk about her experience in ‘Panorama’ interview

In the first episode of the Netflix Harry & Meghan docuseries, Harry said the findings of the BBC’s investigation into Bashir didn’t invalidate what Diana shared. “She felt compelled to talk about it. Especially in that Panorama interview,” he offered (Us Weekly).

Notably, the series included clips from the sit-down despite William’s statement that it should never be aired again. “I think we all now know that she was deceived into giving the interview,” Harry explained, “but at the same time, she spoke the truth of her experience.”

Prince Harry said he learned an important lesson from watching his mother


Princess Diana Once Shared the Love Advice She Offered to ‘Deep Thinker’ Prince William

Harry said Diana’s lonely experience as an outsider in the royal family taught him important lessons about his love life. Most notably, he knew his eventual partner could face similar hurdles.

“My mum was harassed throughout her life with my dad, but after they separated, the harassment went to new levels,” he explained on the first episode of Harry & Meghan.

He added, “I saw things, I experienced things. I learned things. The pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution.”

“I remember thinking, ‘How can I ever find someone who is willing and capable to withstand all the baggage that comes with being with me?’”

Harry also compared Meghan Markle to his late mother, saying, “So much of what Meghan is, and how she is, is so similar to my mom.”