Prince Secretly Donated to Dozens of Charities Before His Tragic Death

Prince was one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, a singer-songwriter responsible for some of America’s most beloved songs.

His quirky, soulful ballads like “Purple Rain” and “7” ensured him a place in rock and roll history, while his legendary style and eccentricity made him a regular tabloid fixture.

Still, Prince’s greatest legacy could be what he did offstage. Multiple sources went public after Prince’s untimely death, revealing that the genius musician was also one of the most generous celebrities in the industry. 

How did Prince become famous?

Prince performing on stage
Prince performing on stage | Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minnesota in 1958. Prince was a child prodigy and began writing and performing songs for his family well before he was 10 years old. Following his parents’ divorce, Prince was back and forth between the two of them, experiencing a great deal of stress and turmoil.

Although he excelled at sports in high school, Prince was still determined to make music his career – and by the early seventies, he began meeting with record executives. 

In the late seventies, Prince landed his first recording contract. He formed several bands and worked with a number of different musicians, however, he didn’t begin to experience real success in the music industry until 1984, with the release of the smash-hit film Purple Rain.

The film, along with the record-breaking soundtrack, put Prince on the map and solidified his status as one of music’s most talented artists. Although Prince’s explicit lyrics often drew criticism, the controversy was far outweighed by those fans who loved his music. 

Prince was a noted philanthropist

Prince reached the pinnacle of fame not long after Purple Rain was released, and he would remain a superstar throughout the decades, until his tragic death. Although he enjoyed the trappings of luxury, including extravagant outfits and huge homes, Prince never quite forgot the tragedy that he had experienced in his life. Prince’s newborn son was born in 1996 but tragically died after only six days of life — and reportedly, the singer never got over the trauma of losing his child.

Still, Prince was able to turn his sadness into something positive. He became one of the most generous celebrities in Hollywood, regularly donating money to various charities and working with young people to empower and educate them.

According to Rolling Stone, Prince was a philanthropist of epic proportions and was able to look beyond party lines in order to focus on real, humanitarian issues. He was even invested in environmental causes and was a longtime supporter of foundations that worked with solar energy. 

Prince’s generosity wasn’t fully revealed until after his death

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Sadly, it wasn’t until after Prince’s death that the truth behind his generosity was fully known to his fans.

After he tragically passed away in early 2016, many stories came to light regarding the singer’s devotion to doing good in the world. A few of the organizations that he supported in the days before his death included the Harlem Children’s Zone and the Uptown Dance Academy in New York.

According to The Undefeated, he even donated $12,000 to the Louisville Free Public Library in order to keep it from closing – and even requested that his generous donation be kept private. 

Those who benefited from Prince’s generosity over the years revealed that he was always more than happy to give, but rarely wanted his name mentioned to the press. “He’s given to so many people out here who will never tell you,” one activist revealed.

In fact, it is quite possible that the amount of money Prince gave away over the years will never be fully revealed. When all is said and done, it could be his dedication to good deeds, rather than his incredible music, that will cement his place in history.