Proof That Taylor Swift Drinks Way More Alcohol Than You Think

At just 30 years old, Taylor Swift has already had such an amazing career. It’s easy to forget that she was only 16 when she first hit it big. After many years in the business, Swift is showing no signs of slowing down. She just released her seventh studio album, “Lover.” 

Taylor Swift didn’t really drink in her early 20’s

Taylor Swift in a glitter dress performing on stage
Taylor Swift | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Swift was already a superstar when she turned 21, but it’s unlikely that her birthday party was a booze-filled bash. Back then, “Taste of Country” reported on Swift’s drinking habits. “I don’t drink much alcohol,” she said. When Swift did indulge back in the day, she went for sweeter drinks. “If it doesn’t taste like candy or sparkles, I usually don’t drink it.” Unicorn martinis, anyone? When it came to wine, Swift said she had a glass now and then, “because it makes me feel classy, but not Scotch. Not yet.” 

Almost a decade after making those remarks, it looks like Scotch’s time has come. Last spring, Swift posted a classy pic of pink flowers and a decanter full of what looks like Scotch. There’s no caption, leaving fans to wonder if the drink was a prop, or if was Swift about to start the weekend off with a cocktail.

Now that she has over a decade of adulting under her belt, fans wonder if Swift and her friends stick mostly to wine and sweet drinks, or if she has broadened her tastes.  

Taylor Swift sings about wine, whiskey, and beer

One thing fans have noticed is whether or not Swift’s song lyrics mention alcohol or drinking. On Reddit, a devoted fan did the hard work and counted all the alcohol references in Swift’s first six albums. 

Interestingly enough, on her first two albums there is no mention of drinking: “Taylor Swift (2006)” and “Fearless (2008).” 

“Speak Now (2010)” and “1989 (2014)” talk about wine, drinking, or being at the bar, but only for a total of two references each. Fans might wonder if Swift was letting her guard down and giving a glimpse of how much alcohol she drinks in real life.¬†

Swift really upped her alcohol lyrics on “Reputation (2017)” for a reported total of 13 references, singing about whiskey, champagne, and even beer.

Yet another fan sifted through the lyrics on Swift’s latest album “Lover (2019),” which appears to be Swift’s booziest album yet. There are eight tracks that talk about alcohol, especially wine. 

Between her recent songs and her Instagram photos, fans are sure Swift drinks a lot more than anyone thinks. 

What is Taylor Swift’s favorite drink?

People’s tastes change over time. Most people probably don’t drink the same cheap wine or beer they enjoyed on their 21st birthday. Back in the day, Swift said her favorite alcoholic drink was “Diet Coke and vodka.” Her choice of soda is not that surprising, as she was a spokesperson for Diet Coke.

Today, Swift is a little older, a little wiser, and a little richer. As of 2018, her estimated¬†net worth is a cool $320 million. She can certainly afford a bottle of Dom Perignon now and then. And that is exactly what it looks like Swift is sipping on while celebrating the release of the deluxe version of “Lover.”

Swift might still enjoy the occasional throwback Diet Coke and vodka. That certainly could be what she was drinking at her 30th birthday party while partying with her squad. Whatever is in her glass, it must pair nicely with the “cats and roses” cake. Meow!

Taylor Swift balances her weekend indulgences with regular workouts

Unfortunately, no one has invented calorie-free alcohol yet. In the meantime, everyone, including Swift, has to balance their wine time with some exercise. 

Swift is known for her high energy shows and fast-paced choreography. It’s no surprise that off-stage, she is an avid exerciser, favoring dance-based routines at Body By Simone studio in NYC. She also stays in shape with light dumbbells and running. That explains Swift’s long, enviable legs.