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Quentin Tarantino has one of the best filmographies around, with Kill Bill existing as one of the fan-favorite installments. However, the two-volume revenge flick continues to expand its legacy with new behind-the-scenes information continuing to enter public knowledge. It turns out that Tarantino channeled his femininity when writing Kill Bill and turned it into a revenge piece against some very specific people from his past.

Quentin Tarantino returned to making ‘Kill Bill’ after running into Uma Thurman at a party

'Kill Bill' filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and actor Uma Thurman hugging each other with a slight smile on their faces
L-R: Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman | Toni Anne Barson Archive/WireImage

Ian Nathan’s Quentin Tarantino: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work digs into the various stages of the filmmaker’s work. Kill Bill is certainly one of the main milestones that Tarantino achieved over the course of his career that established him as the filmmaker that he is today. He collaborated with actor Uma Thurman in the early days of making Pulp Fiction to make Kill Bill. He wrote down some ideas before putting them away in a drawer, which he soon forgot all about.

Tarantino wouldn’t return back to Kill Bill until after Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown came and went from cinemas. However, a fateful run-in with Thurman at an industry party ultimately reminded him of the project. Tarantino returned to writing Kill Bill and wanted it to dig into much of the self-awareness that he loved about movies.

Quentin Tarantino channeled his femininity in writing ‘Kill Bill’ as revenge toward those who doubted him

Nathan wrote that Tarantino would often bring a part of himself to every one of his main characters, including Kill Bill. The Bride was an avatar of the filmmaker, as he managed to find a piece of common ground between him and the character.

“I started taking on little feminine tendencies during the writing process,” Tarantino confessed. However, he embraced it and found the whole process refreshing. The Bride served a bigger relation to his own life and experiences than he initially realized.

The Kill Bill main character ultimately served as a metaphor for Tarantino. They are both awakening from a sort of coma to seek revenge on those who wronged them. In the case of the movie, The Bride sought out those who tried to kill her. However, Tarantino wanted “revenge on all those who had doubted him.”

The movie belongs in the ‘movie-movie’ universe


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Tarantino has a signature style that audiences instantly recognize. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are more rooted in reality. Meanwhile, From Dusk Till Dawn exists in a certain type of fantasy. Nathan called this the “movie-movie universe” that allows Tarantino to go balls to the wall.

Kill Bill exists in the fantastical realm for Tarantino. It serves a level of self-awareness that is filled with pop culture references from movies that time forgot about. However, modern audiences are still connected with the pure absurdity of it all and its ability to flip the entire genre on its head.