Ranking ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Siblings By How Lovable They Are

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy introduced viewers to the Hargreeves siblings — a motley crew of superhero siblings struggling to save humanity from doomsday…while bickering like children and searching for individual fulfillment.

The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

The show flips the superhero genre on its head — presenting everyday humans gifted with superhuman ability, as opposed to unattainably altruistic saviors who also have extraordinary gifts. The characters’ humanity makes them loveable — they are broken dreamers, hopeless romantics, and lost souls. Yet, some are more lovable than others. Some demand a bit more empathy. So, who’s the most lovable Hargreeves child?


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7. Luther 

Luther has a big heart — filled to the brim with love and protective tendencies for Allison. Unfortunately, his predictable behaviors and need for approval often get in the way of his more loveable attributes. Not to mention, he’s a bit dry compared to the others, and his need to lead can succumb to arrogance and annoyance. 


6. Diego 

Diego doesn’t make it easy to love him, but he doesn’t try as hard as Luther, which is why he ranks sixth. He also is searching for approval but opens his heart up to Lila in Season 2, who ends up breaking down some of his fierce, knife-throwing walls. Unfortunately, fans have yet to see Diego’s softer side fully surface; however, the tear-jerking exchange with Ben presented a side to Diego deserving of more on-screen exploration.

5. Five 

Five has grown tremendously since season one, which is why he has become more loveable. Initially, he cared little about his family and their desires. He was focused on saving the world no matter who he hurt along the way. Now, he will make decisions with his heart (a tad bit) and his head — a new attribute that was largely amiss in the first season. 

4. Vanya 

If only taking season one into account, Vanya would have likely been number six on this list. However, she becomes a more three-dimensional character in season two. She falls in love, and she is willing to risk everything for people she has only known for a few years. She comes to trust her siblings; she instills a bit more faith in them (even AFTER losing her memory), which, though naive, is quite heartwarming.

3. Allison 

Allison is a fighter and a lover. Plopped in 1960s Texas, she jumps right into the Civil Rights movement as a leader and an activist. She meets a man and falls in love; she will do anything to protect him, and those she cares about. She hesitates to use her powers unless utterly necessary, as she knows how damaging they can be. Allison is thoughtful, always emotionally present, and has been by Vanya’s side since the start. 

2. Ben 

Ben doesn’t have much screentime, but, if he’s in a scene, he’s likely doing the right thing. He has so much love to give, and he is willing to sacrifice so much for a family he hasn’t been able to interact with for decades. He’s a kind soul who is quite altruistic and doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body. 


1. Klaus 

Klaus is a mess. Klaus is a hopeless romantic. Klaus is broken and he’s searching for resolution. He tries to save a man he falls for before the man even knows who he is. His actions are often selfish, but they are always emotionally-driven. He has a heart too big to handle, and he finds himself in trouble as a result. He doesn’t always think about others, but when push comes to shove, he makes the right choices. His heart is in the right place, even if his head is often off in la-la land.