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The Razzie Awards 2022 is generating a lot of conversation around some of its more polarizing nominations. Nominees such as House of Gucci‘s Jared Leto still aren’t entirely out of the Academy Awards conversation, yet he earned a Razzie nomination. Ben Affleck fans are taking to social media to express their anger over the Razzie Awards 2022 nominating him for his performance in The Last Duel.

Actor Ben Affleck plays Count Pierre d’Alençon in ‘The Last Duel’

'The Last Duel' Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d'Alençon in article about Razzie Awards 2022 wearing a fur coat
Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d’Alençon | 20th Century Studios

The Last Duel is an epic historical drama. Ridley Scott directs a screenplay written by Nicole Holofcener, Affleck, and Matt Damon. The story follows Knight Jean de Carrouges (Damon) in medieval France. He challenges his ex-friend, squire Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), to a judicial duel. This comes after Jean’s wife, Marguerite (Jodie Comer) accuses Jacques of raping her.

Affleck plays Pierre d’Alençon in The Last Duel. He’s the secondary antagonist and is based on a real person from the 14th Century. Affleck stars in a supporting role that previously earned him praise. Critics specifically named him for his contributions to the film as both a co-writer and an actor.

Ben Affleck fans are outraged that he earned a Razzie 2022 nomination for Worst Supporting Actor

The Razzie Awards 2022 official website released this year’s nominations, including Affleck for Worst Supporting Actor in The Last Duel. He’s competing against Nick Cannon in The Misfits, Mel Gibson in Dangerous, Gareth Keegan in Diana the Musical, and Leto in House of Gucci.

However, the Razzie Awards’ Affleck nominated instantly outraged folks on social media. Many fans tweeted that Affleck is the best part of The Last Duel. A few even called Affleck’s villainous turn the best supporting performance of the year. The Razzies are fairly polarizing, but the Internet truly united against the awards show for this discretion.

Awards analysts don’t project that The Last Duel will make much noise at the Academy Awards, but it’s a surprising turn of events to see it ending up at the Razzies. Meanwhile, it makes sense to see Leto here, even though it’s likely that he will get an Oscar nomination for the very same House of Gucci performance as Paolo Gucci.

Ridley Scott’s ‘The Last Duel’ creates divisive conversation


Ben Affleck Explained Why ‘The Last Duel’ Failed Where ‘The Way Back’ Succeeded

The Last Duel is a divisive film for several reasons. Some critics slammed the movie for its depiction of rape. It shows the assault more than once in graphic detail. As a result, many audiences gave the movie a trigger warning for those who are particularly sensitive to the subject matter.

However, the majority of the drama came from the director. The Last Duel didn’t perform well at the box office, but Scott blamed millennials and technological advancements for the film’s performance. Audiences clapped back at the director’s statements.

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