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Ringo Starr‘s wife, Barbara Bach, is one of the most famous Bond girls of all time. She was not a big fan of The Beatles. She said her two favorite musicians were a pair of American soul singers. Ringo once discussed how he fell in love with Bach.

Ringo Starr’s wife Barbara Bach preferred Aretha Franklin to the Fab Four

Bach is an actor most known for her role as agent Anya Amasova in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, starring Roger Moore. The character is one of the most interesting leading ladies in the 007 franchise, partly because she starts the film as Bond’s enemy. She also appeared in Caveman, a notorious comedy starring Ringo that features a lot of slapstick and little intelligible dialogue.

Ringo was born with the name Richard Starkey. During a 1981 interview with Rolling Stone, Bach seemed to prefer his original name. “To me, Ringo is definitely Richie,” she said. “Ringo is the public figure, and Richie is the man I live with.”

Back was no Beatlemaniac. “You see, I really knew very little about The Beatles,” he explained. “I didn’t follow them. My favorite musicians were Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, but music just wasn’t my thing.”

What the former Beatle said about the film that introduced him to his wife

In the same article, Ringo discussed falling in love with Bach. “Last spring, we were on the Caveman set in Mexico for two and a half months just as friends,” he recalled. “Then suddenly one Sunday evening — flashes of light! It clicked, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Ringo had a lot to say about the film that brought him and Bach together. “Caveman is my first leading role,” he continued. “I haven’t been in a movie in years, cause I’d had enough of just coming on a set for two or three days, doing vignettes like the ones in Lisztomania and Sextette. So I really enjoyed the chance to go from a weird weakling to the king of the castle in Caveman. I’m the hero, you know. And believe it or not, it’s a family movie.”

Ringo said his character in Cavemen got “rough” in a few scenes, but it was all comedic. He was proud to say that he got to beat up football star John Maruszak in the movie. He noted that the movie featured little dialogue, so it would have international appeal. The “Photograph” singer said he loved making movies more than the other Beatles.


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Ringo Starr’s ‘Caveman’ has a very bad reputation compared to The Beatles’ movies

Sadly, Cavemen would not go on to become a classic. While some of The Beatles’ movies, like Yellow Submarine and A Hard Day’s Night, hold up very well, Caveman has a terrible reputation. It’s often cited as an example of Ringo’s career going off the rails. Despite this, Box Office Mojo reports the movie made over $15 million.

Caveman wasn’t a critical hit, but it helped Ringo to meet Bach.