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Today, Robert Sheehan is best known for playing Klaus Hargreeves in the hit Netflix original The Umbrella Academy. As one of Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ seven gifted adopted children, he struggled to find his place in the world, while confronting sibling rivalries and imminent doomsdays – at least that’s been the case so far. Since he has the ability to commune with the dead, tortured souls longing for assistance make his day-to-day life a bit hectic. Yet, season three may have a few changes in store. 

Robert Sheehan The Umbrella Academy
Robert Sheehan | Roy Rochlin / Stringer

Robert Sheehan sat down for an interview with Seventeen to discuss his role in the show, as well as what he hopes to see come to fruition if and when the show is greenlit for a third season. So, what’s Robert Sheehan’s ideal season 3 when it comes to Klaus? 

Robert Sheehan on Klaus Hargreeves and ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 

Seventeen asked Robert Sheehan, “Although the scripts haven’t been written yet, what are your biggest hopes if the show gets renewed?” Robert Sheehan responded, noting that he hopes internal apocalypses define the saga moving forward. He said: 

I hope it’s more about facing your own personal apocalypse. I’m chickensh*t to live it out in real life, so I want Klaus to go through it for me. I want him to have to go through the terrible agony of realizing that he doesn’t really know who he is.


Thus far, The Umbrella Academy has merely scratched the surface concerning its characters’ internal turmoil. As soon as those involved in saving the world get a chance to ask the existential questions or ponder their personal hurdles, the need to put all of humankind first seizes the spotlight. It’s a little selfish to think about oneself when all of humanity is on the line. Will Sheehan’s wishes come true? 

What will happen in season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy?’

Spoiler warning for season 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’] 

Considering The Umbrella Academy’s second season ended with introducing Reginald’s new team of superhero children — The Sparrow Academy — it’s likely that our homeless and fatherless kids will now have to face new lives. The past is not what they remember, so who are they in the present? Who are they, if they were never The Umbrella Academy to anyone other than themselves? 


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Based on this fallout, Sheehan’s desires seem likely to come forward, as the children come up against mirror images of themselves — yet mirror images who seem a bit more put together than they were (and are). The siblings already have daddy issues, and now they come to discover that their father made different choices for kids after seeing the adults they turned out to be; this likely won’t sit well. Thud, Sheehan’s wish for internal apocalypses — utter personal disasters — seems on the horizon.