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Sam Neill brazenly said on social media that women are better than men at many things, including acting. The pay gap between men and women expands past the entertainment industry, but more discussions continue to break out regarding the subject. Neill took to Instagram to explain why he believes female actors are simply better than male ones.

Sam Neill is best known for ‘Jurassic Park’

Actor Sam Neill wearing a tux holding his hands up at the 2021 AACTA Awards in front of a step and repeat
Sam Neill | Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for AFI

Neill brought one of the most iconic film roles to the silver screen with Dr. Alan Grant in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. He’s one of the main characters in the original movie, although the character didn’t return for the sequel titled The Lost World: Jurassic Park. However, Neill made a grand return as the paleontologist in Jurassic Park III.

Neill is an actor who worked on a diverse group of films and television shows over the years other than Jurassic Park. He starred in 1981’s Possession and in Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning The Piano. Additionally, he earned two Primetime Emmy nominations for lead actor for Merlin and Outstanding Narrator for New Zealand: Earth’s Mystical Islands.

Sam Neill said that male actors would never win an award against female actors

Neill posted on Instagram a photograph of the stage at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA). Neill explained how proud he was to see his friend and colleague, Judy Davis, win Best Lead Actress in Film for Nitram. He also took this opportunity to compare male and female actors.

“WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN,” Neill wrote. “At most things. Including acting. Alright settle down. No need for road rage here. But I sometimes think about the list of all the extraordinary actresses I’ve been privileged to work with over the years. It’s an amazing list. And here’s one.”

Neill continued: “We first worked together in 1978. Judy Davis. And I was happy to give her the award for best actress in a film at the AACTAS a few weeks ago.”

Some award ceremonies considered condensing Best Actor and Best Actress into a single category. Neill expressed his thoughts on that.

“I said in my speech it’d be a really bad idea if they made Actor and Actress one category because MEN WOULD NEVER WIN ANYTHING AGAIN,” Neill wrote. “They’re just so damn good.”

Finally, Neill took a shot at recent negative events that took place at the Oscars, which is pointing at the infamous time Will Smith slapped Chris Rock over a G.I. Jane joke aimed at his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Neill concluded: “Also they tend not to biff people at the #Oscars. Which is good.”

The actor will return to the silver screen for ‘Jurassic World Dominion’


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Actor Neill is bringing his talents back to the silver screen as Dr. Grant in Jurassic World Dominion. Previous franchise co-stars Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum will also make a return to the next installment, which left fans around the world amped up.

Jurassic World Dominion won’t be the only big blockbuster that audiences will see Neill in before the end of the year. He will also star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Thor: Love and Thunder as Actor Odin, which will surely put a grin on plenty of faces.