‘Clickbait’ Fans Should Consider These 4 Captivating Mystery Shows

The increasing number of mystery and crime shows available to stream means it’s no secret that people become hooked on these types of TV shows. With the increased craving for spooky shows and films, Netflix’s recent mini-series captivated fans. After the drop of the eight episodes of Clickbaitmany quickly binge-watched the mysterious Netflix series. What should be next on the watch list for fans of Clickbait? We found four other similar mystery shows to check out this fall. 

Is ‘Clickbait’ worth the stream? 

Betty Gabriel and Adrian Grenier dance in 'Clickbait' Season 1
Betty Gabriel and Adrian Grenier in ‘Clickbait’ Season 1 | Ben King/Netflix

Netflix released Clickbait at the end of August 2021, and fans instantly raved about the drama-filled mystery show inspired by real-life stories of catfishing and Internet identity theft. Clickbait will have you questioning everything you know about Internet culture and social media.

The show begins with lead Nick Brewer, portrayed by Adrian Grenier, being captured and held hostage. His kidnappers post a video, hoping to get viral status, of Nick holding a sign saying he abuses women and another that he’ll die if the video receives five million views. Nick’s sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) and his wife, Sophie (Betty Gabriel), search for him and hope to clear his name before time runs out. While the show’s storyline is captivating, the conclusion offers a twist that puzzled and surprised even mega-fans of crime shows. 

Spoiler Alert! The captivated audience of Clickbait expects Nick to be killed by his kidnappers and found guilty of the alleged crimes. It turns out that Nick’s co-worker Dawn (Becca Lish) had pretended to be him online while talking to multiple women to fill a loneliness void. After the kidnapper, who was seeking revenge for his sister’s suicide because of the online boyfriend, realizes Nick is not the right guy, he lets him go. Once released, Nick heads to Dawn’s house to confront her about her online actions and threatens to expose the truth. Her husband, Ed (Wally Dunn), is filled with rage and knocks Nick over the head with a hammer, resulting in his death. While Nick was innocent throughout the entire series, he is killed by his internet catfish. 

The plot twists and inspiration from real-life situations kept viewers of Clickbait hooked throughout the latest Netflix mini-series. For those that found Clickbait intriguing, there are several other binge-worthy shows to add to your watchlist. From identity theft to missing persons to murder, these four shows offer scenarios of how technology and impulses can lead to undesirable situations. 

‘Black Mirror’

With most episodes having a mixture of sci-fi and near-future dystopia theme, Black Mirror tells stories of the dark, unexpected consequences technology can have on people. A recent Decider article told how co-creator of Clickbait, Tony Ayres, served as inspiration for the hit Netflix miniseries. He drew inspiration from how “people can fall down these quite innocent rabbit holes, particularly with the internet […] And unleash surprising and sometimes tragic real world consequences.” Black Mirror is an anthology series with 22 episodes. You can stream this mystery show on Netflix. 

‘Big Little Lies’

Big Little Lies is a TV series that ran on HBO from 2017-2019. The show circles around five California women, including actresses Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, heavily involved in a murder investigation. You can stream the mystery drama series on HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu. 


The British crime drama Collateral is a mini-series of how detectives investigating a random pizza guy’s murder turns into a twisted case. The show provides the mystery that things are not always the way they seem, similar to Clickbait. Watch the four episodes of Collateral on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

‘Mare of Easttown’


Adrian Grenier Signed on for Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Without Knowing the Ending —’Did I Do It? Am I the Guy?’

Set in a Philadelphia suburb, the TV show follows the story of detective Mare Sheehan as she tries to solve the recent murder of a teenage mother while uncovering the dark secrets of the small community. Besides the community’s doubt about her investigation skills after an unsolved missing young girl’s case a year earlier, Mare is facing personal struggles. Watch the intriguing mystery series on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu.