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The past several years have seen an increase in the number of family-friendly animated films. From sequels to original projects, there’s no shortage of fun movies for all ages to enjoy. However, the 2016 release Sing is far and away one of the most popular recent animated movies. The film features plenty of stars. With the release of Sing 2, many fans wonder about the A-list talent behind the characters in the animated flick.

‘Sing 2’ hit theaters on December 22, 2021

The 2016 movie Sing told the story of Buster Moon. The ambitious koala holds a singing competition in order to drum up business for his struggling theater. With dozens of iconic songs in the film, all performed by the featured characters, Sing became one of the year’s biggest animated hits.

The highly-anticipated sequel, Sing 2, premiered in theaters on December 22, 2021. It’s already well on its way to matching the original in terms of popularity. 

Matthew McConaughey plays Buster Moon in ‘Sing 2’

Many of the stars from the first Sing returned to voice their characters in Sing 2, including Matthew McConaughey. The star provides the voice of Moon, the koala who owns the Moon theater. The father of three has been a mainstay in the entertainment business for decades, proving his mettle in everything from romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner to dark TV dramas like True Detective

Scarlett Johansson voices Ash

Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey attend the premiere 'Sing 2'
‘Sing 2’ stars Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson, known to Marvel fans as the Black Widow, lends her vocal talents to Ash, a spunky porcupine.

Johansson first entered the entertainment industry as a child star and quickly rose to prominence due to her versatility and trademark husky voice. In recent years, Johansson has flexed her muscles as a superhero, appearing in a handful of high-profile Marvel movies. 

Reese Witherspoon is the voice of Rosita

According to Cinema Blend, Reese Witherspoon voices Rosita in Sing 2. The adorable, optimistic pig encourages the other performers even when they don’t feel great about getting onstage.

Witherspoon is, of course, known for her sunny disposition onscreen, playing sassy characters like Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde franchise and earning acclaim for her dramatic roles, like Big Little Lies, as well. 

Taron Egerton plays the character of Johnny

A fan-favorite character from Sing was Johnny, a gorilla with the voice of a superstar. Voicing the character of Johnny in both Sing and Sing 2 is Taron Egerton. The young actor first gained acclaim for his work in the Kingsman franchise, where he acted alongside big names like Colin Firth.

Most recently, Egerton was praised for his characterization of iconic rock star Elton John in the 2019 musical Rocketman. Certainly, his role in the Sing franchise has provided him with a prime opportunity to showcase his incredible singing voice

Tori Kelly plays Meena the elephant


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Singer Tori Kelly rounds out the main voice cast in Sing 2. She voices Meena, a shy, sweet elephant. The Sing franchise is Kelly’s first acting work, though she has a distinguished career as a music artist and performer. Kelly has, however, appeared in a number of reality competition shows, including The Masked Singer and The Voice

Sing 2 is fun for the whole family, full of great music, witty dialogue, and top-notch entertainers providing the voices.