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It’s been over two years since mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) died on When Calls the Heart, leaving his pregnant wife Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) to move on without him. But some Hearties still aren’t over the loss. And their frequent comments about the missing character have some others in the fan community begging them to move on. 

Many Hearties miss Jack Thornton   

Jack riding a horse
Daniel Lissing in When Calls the Heart | Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Jack died at the end of When Calls the Heart season 5. Since then, Elizabeth has given birth to their baby, a son she named after his father, and taken some tentative steps toward a new romance. At the end of season 7, there were two main candidates for her heart: Nathan (Kevin McGarry), another mountie, and Lucas (Chris McNally), a saloon owner. 

But for some fans, there’s only one many for Elizabeth: the dearly departed Jack Thornton. 

“I like Jack. No one more,” commented one person on a recent post on the show’s official Instagram.

“I still don’t like that y’all made Jack die,” another wrote

Some viewers think there’s something off about Elizabeth’s interactions with Lucas and Nathan. “That magic you had with Jack is missing,” one fan wrote after Krakow shared a photo of herself and McGarry on set. 

Some ‘When Calls the Heart’ fans say it’s time to get over Jack 

While there are some Hearties who are still nursing heartbreak over Jack’s untimely death, other viewers say it’s time for them to get over it. 

“I miss J too, but its time to move on,” one person wrote on Krakow’s post.

“Stop bringing up Jack and Daniel,” another added. “Daniel left probably for many reasons so please let Kevin and Chris in … they can’t help that he left.”

The character of Jack “ain’t coming back,” another wrote. These fans say it’s time to accept that and look forward to what’s next in Elizabeth’s life, whether that’s a future with Nathan, Lucas, or a character we haven’t met yet. 

Why Daniel Lissing left ‘When Calls the Heart’ 


Former ‘When Calls the Heart’ Star Daniel Lissing Puts Wedding Plans on Hold Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Any fans who are nursing a hope that a major twist could bring Jack back to the show are going to be disappointed. The mountie died in an accident offscreen and it’s pretty clear he’s gone for good. Lissing, who had played the character on the show since its debut in 2014, wanted to move on, and the show’s writers came up with a fitting — and final — end to his story. 

The actor — who has since appeared in ABC’s The Rookie — told Entertainment Tonight he has “no regrets” about leaving the show. As for his decision to leave Hope Valley behind? That was entirely due to “reasons that are very personal to me,” he said during a Facebook Live following the season 5 finale.

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