‘Stranger Things 4’: Who Plays the Pizza Guy Argyle? Here’s Why Eduardo Franco Looks Familiar

Stranger Things is making waves with fans of all ages after the second half of the fourth season dropped on Netflix. The show not only brought back all the fan-favorite actors from the previous seasons but also introduced a handful of exciting new characters. While Eddie Munson is dominating social media, many fans have an equal amount of love for Argyle, the laid-back stoner who helps the young heroes on their journey to save Eleven and help Hawkins survive a terrifying monster. While the actor behind Argyle, Eduardo Franco, might be new to the Stranger Things universe, he’s definitely not new to the world of acting and has several distinguished projects to his credit.

Argyle is a fan-favorite new ‘Stranger Things’ character

Jamie Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco, and Joseph Quinn of 'Stranger Things' at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards
(L to R) Jamie Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco, and Joseph Quinn of ‘Stranger Things’ | Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV

When fans meet Argyle, he’s hanging out with Jonathan in between slinging pizzas at the local pizza joint, Surfer Boy Pizza. Argyle inadvertently gets wrapped up in the drama when influences from Eleven’s past threaten her safety. Argyle’s slick driving skills get called into play, as well as his knowledge of pizza making. Fans gravitated instantly to Argyle and raved about his chill personality.

Argyle is more than a supporting character – he appears in almost every episode of the latest season of Stranger Things and could very well be making an appearance in the fifth season. There’s no doubt that the character of Argyle brought some much-needed humor to a very dark season of the hit show. Collider reports that Argyle is not just comic relief but a “shot of life” injected into a series that very much needed some new blood.

Eduardo Franco has acted in a wide variety of projects

Argyle is the epitome of a California stoner – but the actor who brings the pothead to life, Eduardo Franco, has experience playing a wide variety of roles. In fact, according to IMDb, Franco has close to 30 credits to his name, from TV shows like Conan to movies like Queenpins. In all of his roles, no matter the genre, Franco has maintained his signature long hair, making him instantly recognizable to any Stranger Things fan.

According to Popsugar, Franco is probably best-known for his role in the teen comedy Booksmart. As Theo, a charming but dim student who has been held back a few grades, Franco made waves. He has also appeared in the stoner comedy The Package and several Netflix productions, such as American Vandal. He’s also got experience as a voice actor, portraying a frog named Pako in the 2021 animated film Koati

What do fans know about Eduardo Franco?

The 27-year-old actor’s signature is his long hair – but the style came about quite accidentally after the young man got tired of cutting his hair following multiple trips to and from the United States to Mexico to visit his relatives. As Eduardo Franco told Remezcla, he got annoyed by U.S. customs and went on a haircut strike. According to Marie Claire, Franco said, “It’s such a drag. The thing is, going into Mexico is awesome. I mean, the food is fantastic and I got to hang out with my cousins. And going in is a breeze. But coming back into the U.S.? It’s a fucking bitch.” Ever since then, Franco has worn his hair very long.

Franco is active on social media and posts lots of content referencing his hobbies and fandoms. From pop-culture references to nerdy toys and posts promoting his rock band, Franco is truly living his best life on Instagram – and fans just can’t get enough.

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