‘Supergirl’: Kelly and Diggle Bond in Sneak Peek of New Episode

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the next episode of Supergirl Season 6, “Blind Spots.” The episode shows Kelly Olsen stepping into the role of Guardian, picking up where her brother, James, left off. It feels as if “Blind Spots” has been years in the making for Supergirl, ever since James left National City. And there’s one central Arrowverse character who will join the Super Friends for the important hour.

'Supergirl' special guest David Ramsey wears a black t-shirt and speaks at a Comic-Con panel.
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John Diggle visits Kelly in a sneak peek of the upcoming ‘Supergirl’ episode

Aside from directing the hour, David Ramsey will also be reprising his Arrowverse role in “Blind Spots.” Ramsey is one of the original stars of the Arrowverse, having played John Diggle in Arrow starting in its series premiere. The actor has recently made his rounds among the different Arrowverse shows, bouncing from The Flash and Batwoman to Superman & Lois. Supergirl will be his final outing on this television season.

In a clip uploaded by Entertainment Weekly, Diggle comes to National City to help Kelly with her overwhelming struggles after the Ormfell building falls.

In the sneak peek, Diggle and Kelly bond over their shared military experiences. They also discuss what it’s like to work alongside superheroes that sometimes can’t look past the big picture. Diggle name drops Oliver Queen, which, of course, makes us long for the good ole Arrow days. But the most significant part of the clip is when Diggle tells Kelly that he is there for her. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Super Friends initially don’t focus on the people affected by the Ormfell building implosion.

What fans can expect to see in ‘Blind Spots’

As per the synopsis for the upcoming Supergirl Season 6 episode, “Kelly is horrified when the Ormfell building implodes, injuring many in the community, including Joey. However, her horror quickly turns to frustration when she realizes that the hospital is overwhelmed, people are getting sicker, and no one is coming to help – including Supergirl, who is busy fighting Nyxly. Knowing that she can make a difference, Kelly embraces her power and fully steps into her role as Guardian. Joined by Supergirl, Alex, Diggle, and team, Guardian leads the way to restoring justice to the fallen community.”

So, while the rest of the Super Friends are busy tracking down supervillains, Kelly is focused on helping the people in the Heights. In turn, this makes her feel alone and helpless. Thankfully, Diggle will be there to help her through this struggling time.

“Blind Spots” highlights the systemic racial inequalities plaguing the world. It’s undoubtedly not only an important hour of Supergirl but also of television in general.

‘Supergirl’ star Azie Tesfai suits up as Guardian for the first time

Azie Tesfai, the actor who plays Kelly Olsen in Supergirl, co-wrote the next episode. So, “Blind Spots” means a lot to Tesfai. She was able to craft her superhero origin story, and it will surely resonate with viewers.

Tesfai spoke to Entertainment Weekly about putting on the Guardian suit for the first time. She said, “It was very emotional, which was really surprising to me. I think you immediately stand up a little taller. We also had a handful of young Black kids in our episode, and to see them respond to the suit, I think, was the coolest part.”

Supergirl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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