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Survivor is a treacherous game in itself, but the season 44 castaways took the show’s dangers to the next level during the premiere. Bruce Perreault got a concussion within the first few minutes of the marooning. Matthew Grinstead-Mayle fell from a large rock at Ratu’s beach. And Brandon Cottom suffered from heat exhaustion during the Immunity Challenge. Survivor producers had to medically evacuate Bruce from the game in episode 1, and according to spoilers, one more castaway will soon join him.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor 44.]

Matthew Grinstead-Mayle, a castaway on 'Survivor 44,' wears a light yellow and red tank top and a orange and brown plaid sling for his arm. According to 'Survivor 44' spoilers, Matthew might be medically evacuated from the game due to his shoulder injury.
Matthew Grinstead-Mayle | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

Matthew injured his shoulder during the ‘Survivor 44’ premiere

The Survivor medical team cleared Matthew and Brandon to continue in season 44, whereas Bruce had to be pulled (which we already knew due to spoilers). And following his exit from the game, host Jeff Probst extended an offer to return for a future season to Bruce. The castaway accepted, of course, so fans can look forward to Bruce getting a real chance to play Survivor in the near future.

The doctors treated Brandon for heat exhaustion and dehydration. And he was ready to go by the time Ratu went to Tribal Council later that night. However, Matthew hasn’t been as lucky as Brandon since his injury continues to plague him as season 44 goes on.

Matthew scaled a giant rock structure in the water in the name of adventure, but we have a feeling he’s regretting his daring climb right about now. After losing his footing, the castaway slipped and fell down the rock. Matthew cut up his hands and feet and dislocated his shoulder but was able to pop it back in himself. The medical team arrived shortly and gave him a sling for his shoulder. They also warned Matthew to take it easy as he heals.

Perhaps Matthew is abiding by the doctors’ advice back at camp, but he’s putting his all into the challenges. He rarely sits out of them, and Matthew’s shoulder continues to bother him during physical activities. Unfortunately, given all this information, Matthew might be the subject of the second Survivor 44 medevac spoilers.

‘Survivor 44’ spoilers point toward Matthew being the second medevac

Before Survivor 44 premiered, one source revealed a handful of spoilers, including the winner and runner-ups. One fan compiled the leaks in a Survivor spoilers document, which includes details regarding two medevacs.

The source shared that producers medically evacuated one player on Day 1 (Bruce) and another right before the merge. They never added names to the spoilers, but sleuths determined the first medevac was Bruce based on the season’s trailers.

And now, after witnessing Matthew’s fall and his continuing shoulder problems, many believe that Matthew is the second medevac in the Survivor spoilers.


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Will the ‘Survivor 44’ medevac spoilers air during episode 5?

Matthew’s alleged medevac might come soon since the preview for Survivor 44 Episode 5, “The Third Turd,” possibly spoiled it.

The promo for the upcoming hour shows Matthew crying and saying, “I’ve literally been training to be here for, like, years. But I wake up in so much pain.” The video shows a clip of the castaway falling from the rock in the premiere and another of Matthew hugging Carson Garrett.

Based on this preview and the Survivor spoilers, the medical team might pull Matthew from the game in episode 5. His shoulder injury seems to keep on getting worse, and he needs to prioritize his health over all else. But we hope Matthew receives the same opportunity as Bruce to return (and hopefully stay away from all giant rocks).

Survivor 44 Episode 5, “The Third Turd,” airs Wednesday, March 29, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.