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CBS’s Survivor 45 brings 18 new castaways to Fiji, and they’ll begin their journey in three teams of six. The cast members will have to navigate complex social situations and demanding challenges to keep their torch lit at Tribal Council. According to Survivor 45 spoilers, a new twist might extend the length of every Tribal Council this season.

[Spoiler alert: Potential Survivor 45 spoilers ahead regarding a new twist.]

‘Survivor 45’ might have a new twist that affects Tribal Council

Survivor 45 Tribal Councils might look a lot different this season, according to spoilers. Past seasons occasionally featured a reward that would allow a player from a winning tribe to attend the losing tribe’s Tribal Council. The winning player could then return to their tribe and report on everything they witnessed — or they could keep some of that information private. According to spoiler gurus, that one-time perk may become a permanent twist in season 45.

So, how exactly would this work? It seems this twist would have to happen pre-merge, as that’s when the cast would remain divided into three tribes. The tribes would likely compete for immunity as usual, and the first and second-place tribes would send a member of their own to the losing team’s Tribal Council. The tribe members to attend Tribal Council as guests likely wouldn’t get to add their input. They would probably sit on the sidelines and witness what occurred and who got their torch snuffed.

Adding this twist would likely extend Tribal Council, which makes sense, given how every episode in Survivor 45 is 90 minutes. But this might disappoint some fans. Some viewers watching recent seasons of Survivor have expressed how Tribal Councils often drag, as the players offer the same answers to Jeff Probst’s questions without giving viewers new insights.

Fans suspect the fan-favorite auction might return

'Survivor' players Spencer Bledsoe and Tony Vlachos drawing rocks during an auction held by Jeff Probst
‘Survivor: Cagayan’ auction | CBS via Getty Images

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Survivor 45 spoilers indicate that fans might also see the return of the auction. A May 2023 trailer for the new season showed a gavel slamming down at the end of the clip, giving future viewers hope that they’d see an auction this season. The auction allows players to place bids on food and comfort items using the show’s money, but production hasn’t included the auction in years. Ultimately, the show stopped filming the auction because players were only bidding on game advantages.

“It’s a huge fan favorite, would be cheap to produce, and leads to great TV,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “It’s a no-brainer that it should come back. Jeff’s always said the reason they stopped doing it was because players would hoard their money to get an advantage. The solution is so obvious: tell the players beforehand that if there is an advantage, it will be hidden with a food item. That way, there is incentive to buy every item. No reason to not bid on something you want.”

This article was originally reported by Reality Blurred.

Survivor Season 45 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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