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Over the years, a few Survivor contestants have captivated the imaginations of fans around the world. These contestants love talking about their experiences on the show, dishing the dirt about what really happens behind the scenes. Kelly Wentworth is one of Survivor’s most beloved veterans, a reality star who has appeared in several seasons of the iconic competition show. Not only has Wentworth been open about her own experience with the show, but she has talked about longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst as well – and in a recent podcast conversation with Tyson Apostol, Wentworth discussed how Probst will “freak out” if something isn’t going exactly according to plan. 

Wentworth has appeared in multiple seasons of Survivor, including Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Survivor: Cambodia, and Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Her first appearance in the franchise was in Survivor: San Juan del Sur, where she was eventually voted off the island after she went up against her father and the tribe determined her to be a bigger threat.

Wentworth returned in Survivor: Cambodia, after immense fan acclaim, lasting almost the entire season before getting voted out just one day before the Final Tribal Council. Finally, Wentworth came back for Survivor: Edge of Extinction, where she established herself as an old pro, along with three other returning players. After being voted off, Wentworth noted that she was “impressed” by the other players but that she was “pissed” at her time on the season coming to an end, according to Gold Derby

What did Kelley Wentworth say about how Jeff Probst will ‘freak out’ if something isn’t right?

After so much time as part of the Survivor family, Wentworth has accumulated a lot of stories about things that happen behind the scenes. In a recent chat with Apostol on The Ringer Reality TV Podcast, Wentworth discussed Probst’s tendency to perfectionism. “That’s one thing that they don’t share with the audience, that I think the audience would really enjoy,” Wentworth said. “The Jeff Probst breakdowns. Because he truly will freak out if something isn’t being done to his satisfaction.” Wentworth made it clear that Probst isn’t mean about his demands, noting that it is because he truly cares about the outcome of the challenges.

Tyson Apostol revealed his own Jeff Probst story


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Apostol had a lot to say about Probst’s desire to have everything go smoothly on Survivor. He described one of his memorable Survivor challenges, a rousing game of ladder ball, to Wentworth, describing how “The prop department had made these big balls wrapped in canvas to make them extra caveman-y. When they were hitting, there was two things… As Tina Wesson would throw, she was so short, the ball would hit the ground as she would throw it. So there was that. And then the balls kept from the weight of everything wrapped on them…kept popping off the string.”

Apostol recalled how, “So they stopped the challenge, reattached the stuff, and moved us closer. Then they fixed them and they were like, ‘let’s move the ladder closer.’ And then I said, ‘No offense but I like the ladders where they are…then Jeff said, ‘Nobody f***** asked you, Tyson.’ I learned that mid-challenge, as a competitor, it’s poor form to give advice to the creators.” Notably, Apostol is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and a longtime veteran of the franchise, with experience in seasons like: Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Winners at War