‘Survivor’ Season 41 Cast: The Oldest Player Has Past Work Experience She May Want to Hide

Fans can’t wait to watch the Survivor Season 41 cast attempt to “outwit, outplay, and outlast” each other. Now, we’re looking at the oldest cast member and what she may have to offer. And it may be in her best interest to hide some of her past work experience, as it may put her in a comfortable “provider” role that ultimately spells doom.

The ‘Survivor’ Season 41 cast revealed what they expect to see in the new season

The Survivor Season 41 cast is stacked with players young and old. Parade notes the Luvu Tribe — also known as the blue tribe, consists of an ex-NFL player, a medical student, a communications manager, a stay-at-home mom, a sales manager, and a law student.

The Ua Tribe — or the green tribe — also has players from diverse backgrounds. The players include a rancher, a grocery clerk, a college student, a flight attendant, a pastor, and a healthcare consultant.

Finally, the Yase Tribe, or the yellow tribe, might have the most players with high levels of schooling. Though, this doesn’t always mean much in the game of Survivor. The tribe contains a neurosurgeon, a cyber security analyst, a Ph.D. student, a college student, a teacher, and an app developer.

The new cast noted they’re anticipating double eliminations as a major twist. Entertainment Weekly shared a video of the contestants stating they’re fearful of multiple Tribal Councils happening in one night.

The oldest member of the new cast has past work experience that could put her in a bad position

Multiple Survivor cast members of the past have lied about their work experience to appear differently to their peers. Tony Vlachos, a two-time winner, originally told his teammates he worked in construction. Later, he admitted he actually worked as a cop. We’ll be interested to see if any Survivor Season 41 cast members also choose to lie about what they do for money to their fellow players.

It seems one player may want to lie about her past work experience. Heather Aldret is the oldest player in the upcoming season at 52 years old, and her current occupation is listed as “stay-at-home” mom. She told Parade she cares for her 12-year-old and 15-year-old. This could certainly serve her well in the game, as others in her tribe likely will trust her with information and ask for her advice as a maternal figure in the group.

Heather wasn’t always a stay-at-home mom, though. “I’ve just been a stay-at-home mom for the past three years prior to that,” she admitted. “I used to buy properties and flip them doing all the work myself except for new electric and roofing. And I did that for about 10 years.”

Having house-flipping experience might seriously serve Aldret well when it comes to making the tribe’s shelter. But she should make sure she doesn’t get shoehorned into a provider role. “Providers” on Survivor typically believe the rest of the tribe will save them, as they’re vital for the literal survival of the group. Then, they often get blindsided. The rest of the tribe eventually sees them as easy pickings.

Additionally, Heather’s skillful background, maternal vibe, and caring, thoughtful nature might make her threatening to the rest of the group, giving them an additional reason to vote her out early.

Should ‘Survivor’ cast members lie about their occupations on the show?

'Survivor' Season 41 cast kneeling on the beach and smiling at the camera
‘Survivor’ Season 41 cast | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

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So, what should Heather do? It may work in Heather’s favor to keep her house-flipping background to herself and stay in the role of stay-at-home mom the others in the tribe. If she volunteers her background as a successful flipper too early, she runs the risk of providing too much and getting a false sense of safety from her hands-on skills.

Should Survivor cast members ever lie about their jobs outright? Inside Survivor notes at least three players from every season that started with three tribes lied at first. Some players, like former NFL players and wealthy businessmen, want the lie to conceal their wealth. Others choose to lie to hide their intelligence. Either way, when the truth eventually comes out (and it usually does), it’s always a risk. The player gets pegged as a liar, or they’re marked as a player smart enough to hide something from the entire tribe.

Survivor Season 41’s release date is Sept. 22, 2021, on CBS.

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