‘Survivor’ Season 41 Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Episode 4? Plus, Who Tries to Throw the Immunity Challenge?

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  • Survivor Season 41 spoilers: The Luvu Tribe lost the reward challenge, the Ua Tribe lost the immunity challenge, and the Luvu Tribe tried to throw the immunity challenge
  • A major blindside happened, sending a Ua Tribe member home in Survivor Season 41 Episode 4
  • Next week’s preview shows Genie Chen finding an advantage

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 spoilers ahead.]

J.D., Danny, and Xander standing together in 'Survivor' Season 41. 'Survivor' Season 41 spoilers note J.D. gets sent home in episode 4
J.D., Danny, and Xander in ‘Survivor’ Season 41 | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor Season 41 is already heating up, and Jeff Probst wasn’t kidding when he promised an ultra-difficult 26-day season. So far, the cast navigated a plethora of twists and turns. And, of course, one player’s sent home during episode 4. Here are the Survivor Season 41 spoilers regarding who gets voted off the island during episode 4’s Tribal Council. Plus, here’s who attempted to throw the immunity challenge.

Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 picks up after episode 3’s Tribal Council. The Ua Tribe voted Brad Reese out in the last Tribal Council, causing distress for Genie Chen. She felt she was on the bottom of the tribe after Brad’s departure.

The Ua Tribe’s luck turned around with the reward challenge, though. Survivor Season 41 spoilers note Ua won the reward challenge and had the opportunity to eat fish and learn how to hunt and gather from a local. The Yase Tribe came in second place, receiving one fish to share. The Luvu Tribe lost the reward. Heather Aldret fumbled the ball often in the beginning of the challenge, causing the loss.

However, the tables turned for the immunity challenge. Deshawn Radden wanted to throw the immunity challenge after Erika Casupanan dished that she hoped to blindside Sydney Segal. Deshawn discussed the idea with Danny McCray — and together, they attempted to throw it without telling the others in the tribe. Unfortunately, Naseer Muttalif won the challenge for them despite their efforts. Ua lost the immunity challenge and headed to Tribal Council.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 spoilers: Who was voted off during Tribal Council in episode 4?

So, who went home after Tribal Council in episode 4? According to Survivor Season 41 spoilers, J.D. Robinson was blindsided by Shan Smith.

Shan and Ricard Foyé have the strongest alliance on the Ua Tribe, and J.D. also was part of that tribe. The initial plan was for Shan, Ricard, and J.D. to vote out Genie. But Shan had a change of heart. She asked J.D. if she could hold on to his extra vote so he wouldn’t take it to Tribal Council, explaining how it proves she could trust him. J.D. reluctantly agreed, leaving his extra vote in her hands. Unfortunately for J.D., Shan used the opportunity to vote him out — and she rallied Ricard and Genie to join in.

The Ua Tribe ended episode 4 with only three players remaining.

Preview for next week hints at Genie Chen’s revenge

Genie and Ricard talking on 'Survivor' Season 41. 'Survivor' Season 41 spoilers note Genie makes it through episode 4's Tribal Council
Genie and Ricard on ‘Survivor’ Season 41 | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

While we don’t have Survivor Season 41 spoilers for episode 5 just yet, next week’s preview shows the Ua Tribe scrambling. While Genie made the Survivor Season 41 Episode 4 vote, she certainly doesn’t feel safe with Shan and Ricard’s tight alliance. She appears to find an advantage or a part of the three-way idol in the next episode.

As for the other tribes, it seems Tiffany Seely and Liana Wallace from the Yase Tribe go through Xander’s bag. They know Xander has a portion of the three-way idol and another advantage. We’ll be curious to know what their strategy is moving forward.

The Luvu Tribe’s attempt at throwing the challenge didn’t work well in episode 4. Perhaps they’ll finally get sent to Tribal Council in episode 5.

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