‘Survivor’ Season 41 Spoilers: Merge Twist and Game-Changing Advantage Featured, No Tribal Council in Episode 6

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  • Survivor Season 41 Episode 6 features all three tribes at the merge
  • Survivor Season 41 spoilers: One castaway receives the power to turn back time
  • Erika needs to make a potentially game-changing decision

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 41 spoilers ahead regarding the new twists in episode 6.]

Jeff Probst with the three tribes in 'Survivor' Season 41. 'Survivor' Season 41 spoilers note the tribes meet the merge in episode 6.
Jeff Probst with the three tribes in ‘Survivor’ Season 41 | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor Season 41 Episode 6 features the long-awaited merge — but it’s unlike any other merge that fans have seen in the past. In season 41, the players had to fight their way to the merge feast. And fans saw a number of alliances begin to crumble. Here are the Survivor Season 41 spoilers for episode 6, including the game-changing advantage no one saw coming.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Episode 6 features the merge — but there’s a twist

Survivor Season 41 host Jeff Probst told the contestants they finally reached the merge in episode 6. But there’s a catch this season. Instead of heading straight for the merge feast, Probst tells the remaining players that they’d have to drop their current buffs and draw rocks. The rocks divided all remaining players into two teams.

However, two players from the group would draw gray rocks. These two players were excluded from both groups.

Naseer and Erika both drew the gray rocks. Tiffany, Shan, Xander, Liana, and Heather were the yellow team, and Danny, Ricard, Sydney, Deshawn, and Evvie were the blue team.

Then, the blue team and yellow team battled it out in a challenge. The blue team won, earning them the merge feast, new buffs, and a free pass into the merge. The yellow team didn’t get to feast. Additionally, the yellow team will have to partake in another challenge for possible immunity.

Because the blue team won, they got to choose either Naseer or Erika to join them in the feast. They chose Naseer, sending Erika to a separate island for two days.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Episode 6 spoilers: A new advantage lives in the game

When Erika gets sent away to a separate island, she initially believes the choice puts her at a severe disadvantage. She tells Jeff Probst she had a hunch she was on the outs with her alliance, and the group choosing to eat with Naseer allegedly proves it. Erika then heads to the remote island, where she builds a fire and attempts to create shelter.

Later on, Probst pays Erika a visit — and he shares her time on the island comes with “tremendous power.” Survivor Season 41 spoilers note Probst presents Erika with an hourglass full of black sand. He explains if she smashes the hourglass, she can turn back time. She can reverse who won the merge challenge, giving the yellow team immunity and making the blue team fight for immunity in another challenge.

Episode 6 didn’t feature Tribal Council, as a team still needs to participate in the immunity challenge.

What will Erika choose to do in episode 7?

So, what will Erika choose? While Survivor Season 41 spoilers for episode 6 note Probst explains the new twist, Erika had another night on the island to make her decision. The previews for episode 7 show Erika explaining the twist to the other cast members — and that’s when fans will learn whether Erika chose to turn back time.

Additionally, fans expect to see a Tribal Council in episode 7. And if Erika chooses to turn back time, it’ll be Danny, Ricard, Sydney, Deshawn, Evvie, and Naseer participating in an immunity challenge and possibly heading home.

Survivor Season 41 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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