‘Survivor’ Season 41: Will Fire Tokens Return? Jeff Probst Answers

Survivor Season 41 is here, and host Jeff Probst is more excited than ever to get the castaways playing and the fans watching. The Survivor Season 41 tribes have already witnessed intense gameplay in their first few days in Fiji. And we anticipate a number of twists and turns are still to come. So, will fire tokens return to the game? Here’s what Probst has to say.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for Survivor Season 41 Episode 1.]

The ‘Survivor’ Season 41 tribes already experienced new twists and turns

'Survivor' Season 41 tribe at Tribal Council at night surrounded by torches
‘Survivor’ Season 41 tribe at Tribal Council | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

The Survivor Season 41 tribes are in for a game that looks familiar to what they know and love, but there are plenty of stark differences this season. The game began with three tribes each containing six players. But gameplay only lasts 26 days this time instead of the traditional 39.

In Survivor Season 41 Episode 1, Jeff Probst puts each tribe to task immediately. They must find the corresponding oars to their boats and paddle to shore. The first tribe to get to shore gets one pot, one machete, and one flint. The other two tribes get these items as well — but only if they complete the first challenge.

Additionally, one player from each tribe was chosen to get on a boat to a new location. Here, the three players met up and ultimately had to choose whether to protect their Tribal Council vote or risk it all for an extra vote.

The final major twist this episode comes at Tribal Council. Each player can now take part in the “Shot in the Dark” die. If a player feels they’re on the chopping block at Tribal, they can choose to reach into a bag full of six pieces of parchment and pull out one. One of six pieces of parchment gives that castaway immunity. If they don’t pull out that special piece, they lose their vote.

What are fire tokens in ‘Survivor’? Will they return

With so many twists, will the Survivor Season 41 tribes also see the return of fire tokens? And what are fire tokens in Survivor?

The twist was initially reduced in Survivor Season 40, Winners at War, and it offered the players a form of in-game currency. “Think of tokens as money,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly. “And the way it works is, everyone starts with one. And when you are voted out you have to will it or bequeath it to somebody still in the game as you head to the Edge of Extinction.”

So, will the new season take on this same twist? Probst explains he ditched the fire token idea this time around. “For now we are heading in a direction that does not include fire tokens,” the host told Entertainment Weekly. “But what’s great about our new approach is that anything is possible. Literally anything. Players will never be able to predict what might happen vs. what is happening, what’s real vs. what’s isn’t, what is permanent vs. what could be temporary. It’s the same exact game, but totally different.”

Who got voted off ‘Survivor’ first?

Jeff Probst extinguishes Eric Abrahams torch after his 'Survivor' Season 41 tribe lost the challenge
Jeff Probst extinguishes Eric Abrahams torch | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘Survivor’ Season 41: Past Cast Member ‘Upset’ by Game Shortened to 26 Days

So, who got voted off of Survivor first this season? Unfortunately, two Survivor Season 41 tribes went to Tribal Council in the first episode. Eric Abraham from the Yase Tribe went home, as did Sara Wilson from the Ua Tribe.

“I thought the vote, at least at a minimum, was going to be split down gender lines,” Abraham told Parade. “No, they came out straight at me. In a way, I’m honored that they voted me out. Y’all knew what was coming, because I was winning!”

Wilson also talked to Parade about her early departure. “Honestly, I walk away from it, and I’m proud of myself,” she stated. “I did more than I thought I could. I obviously would have liked to have made it longer. … I’m just thinking, ‘Well, I got to play and be a part of it.’ And even though I went out early, I very much feel like a part of the cast and this family.”

Survivor Season 41 airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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