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CBS Survivor fans are gearing up for the next season — and the Survivor Season 42 cast has officially been released. So far, it looks like folks from all ages and walks of life will join the season in the hopes of becoming the next Sole Survivor. And, of course, there are quite a few younger players as well. The youngest cast member is reportedly still in her teens — and she looks up to one of the richest men in the world. Here’s more about her.

CBS released the official ‘Survivor’ Season 42 cast listing

'Survivor' Season 42 cast standing together on a beach and smiling
‘Survivor’ Season 42 cast | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Eighteen contestants will duke it out in Fiji for their chance at the $1 million prize. So, who’s in the Survivor Season 42 cast?

Entertainment Weekly reports the women in the cast include Chanelle Howell (29), Marya Sherron (47), Tori Meehan (25), Swati Goel (19), Lindsay Dolashewich (31), Lydia Meredith (22), Jenny Kim (43), Maryanne Oketch (24), and Drea Wheeler (35).

The men in the cast include Daniel Strunk (30), Jonathan Young (29), Romeo Escobar (37), Jackson Fox (48), Omar Zaheer (31), Hai Giang (29), Mike Turner (58), Rocksroy Bailey (44), and Zach Wurtenberger (22).

This season will reportedly take on the 26-day format that season 41 took on, too. Screen Rant reports the change from 39 days to 26 was due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and scheduling, so it seems the new season will continue this. Many of the advantages first seen in season 41 will also return, like the Beware Advantage. Additionally, Jeff Probst is back at the helm to host.

The youngest player is just 19 years old and idolizes Elon Musk

Swati Goel from the 'Survivor' Season 42 cast standing on the beach with her hands on her hips
Swati Goel from the ‘Survivor’ Season 42 cast | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Swati Goel is the youngest player on the Survivor Season 42 cast. We’re excited to see how well she works with the rest of the cast, especially with those who are over twice her age.

According to Us Weekly, Goel comes from Palo Alto, California, and she’s an Ivy League student. She describes herself as “competent, charismatic, and caring,” and she also noted she doesn’t like people who dream big but don’t work for what they want. She also doesn’t like emotional manipulation or others who try to control her.

As for her personal idol, she looks up to Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. “My life’s mission is to change the world for the better,” she told the publication. “Building something like Tesla, which is uber-successful and also a boon to the environment, is my dream.”

Can the youngest player bring home a win? Jud “Fabio” Birza was just 21 years old when he won Survivor: Nicaragua, so it’s certainly possible.

When is ‘Survivor’ Season 42 coming out?


‘Survivor’: How Many Women Have Won?

When does Survivor Season 42 premiere? Entertainment Weekly reports the two-hour premiere begins on March 9, 2022.

Host Jeff Probst has nothing but good things to say about the season, too. “It was really exciting to birth the next era of Survivor with a new, dangerous, fast-paced game that completely caught the players off guard,” he said of Survivor Season 41. “For Survivor 42, we have another truly outstanding group of players ready to take on the greatest social experiment on television.”

Probst also noted the season 42 players have no idea about all the twists they’re in for, as production shot season 41 and season 42 back to back. ” … [T]hey have no idea what awaits them!” Probst promised.

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