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Contestants take many risks when they agree to travel to Fiji and compete in Survivor. Unfortunately, some of the castaways have learned this the hard way after producers medically evacuated, or medevaced, them from the game. And according to Survivor Season 42 spoilers, another contestant may have to leave the game prematurely due to injury.

[Spoiler alert: This article may contain spoilers from Survivor Season 42.]

'Survivor' Season 42 castaways Marya Sherron, Jackson Fox, Lindsay Dolashewich, Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, and Omar Zaheer stand together on a beach, all wearing their orange buffs. Marya, Jackson, Lindsay, Jonathan, Maryanne, and Omar make up the Taku tribe, and 'Survivor' Season 42 spoilers indicate one of them will have to be medically evacuated.
Marya Sherron, Jackson Fox, Lindsay Dolashewich, Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, and Omar Zaheer | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Fans on the ‘Survivor’ spoilers Reddit page think a season 42 castaway will be a medevac

One Survivor fan started a Reddit thread after noticing something from the press photos from season 42 episode 1. They said, “Press photos confirm that … Somebody leaves before the first immunity challenge.” Another person explained in the comments, “Romeo is sitting out. We can’t see Lydia, but I’m assuming she’s there as well.”

So, in the press photos for the season’s first immunity challenge, both Romeo Escobar and Lydia Meredith are sitting out of the challenge. Sit-outs only happen if tribes have more people than other tribes. And the only way this could happen in the first episode is if a castaway gets evacuated from the game or quits.

One fan wrote, “I guess the rumors of Jackson being [medevaced] is true.”

Many spoilers have indicated that Jackson Fox is a medevac in the weeks leading up to the Survivor Season 42 premiere. But nothing is for sure until the episode airs. Jackson is a member of the Taku tribe with Marya Sherron, Lindsay Dolashewich, Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, and Omar Zaheer.

When is the last time producers had to medically evacuate a contestant?

Aside from the spoilers that indicate Jackson could be a medevac in the Survivor Season 42 premiere, 15 other castaways have had to be medically evacuated in the show’s history. The injuries and ailments that contestants have gone through vary from infections to dehydration.

The first time a medevac occurred was in season 2 when Michael Skupin fell into a fire pit. And the last time producers medically evacuated someone was in Survivor Season 37, which aired in 2018.

Like the Survivor Season 42 spoilers, producers pulled Pat Cusack from the game during season 37’s premiere. While on the way back from a challenge, the boat he was in with his tribemates crashed harshly against large waves. Pat, unfortunately, injured his back, and the show’s doctor determined that he needed to leave the game.


‘Survivor’ Season 42: Fans Believe They Know the Winner Because of Social Media

All of the spoilers we know about ‘Survivor’ Season 42

Survivor Season 42 will be very similar to season 41 because the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced producers to film the seasons back-to-back. The upcoming game will also only be 26 days, and it will feature many of the same twists and challenges from season 41.

Based on the promo, the “Beware Advantage” is back in play. Many fans also speculate that the “Shot in the Dark” and the “Do or Die” twist will return.

Many fans have tried to find spoilers regarding who wins Survivor Season 42. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer yet as to who the jury will crown the Sole Survivor. But one thing that many fans can agree on is that Jackson Fox will leave the game prematurely.

Survivor Season 42 premieres on March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.