‘Survivor’ Season 42 Spoilers: Fans Believe the Hourglass Twist Is Different From Season 41

After Survivor Season 41 ended, Jeff Probst confirmed that season 42 would incorporate the same twists from its predecessor. That includes the hourglass twist, which may come into play in tonight’s episode. However, according to Survivor Season 42 spoilers, producers might have slightly altered the game-changing hourglass that Erika Casupanan broke in season 41.

[Spoiler alert: This article might contain spoilers from Survivor Season 42.]

'Survivor' Season 42 host Jeff Probst talks to season 41 castaway Erika Casupanan, who, spoiler alert, broke the hourglass. Erika wears a light gray tank top and black swimsuit bottoms. Jeff wears a dark blue shirt, gray pants, and a 'Survivor' baseball hat.
Erika Casupanan and Jeff Probst | Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Erika broke the hourglass in ‘Survivor’ Season 41

Before getting into the Survivor Season 42 spoilers, let’s flash back to season 41. In episode 6, tribes thought they were going to merge. However, Jeff Probst informed everyone that they would do things differently that season.

The castaways were randomly split up into groups of five, which left two people out. The teams of five then competed in a reward/immunity challenge. The winners enjoyed a merge feast, while the losers faced Tribal Council. And the winners also got to choose one of the two left-out castaways to join them, while the other had to go to Exile Island.

Erika ended up going to Exile. But Jeff met her on the island and told her that she had an opportunity to change the game. If she wanted to, she could break an hourglass, which would force the game to go back in time. As a result, the challenge winners had to go to Tribal Council, while the losers, including Erika, would be immune. In the end, Erika broke the hourglass.

And spoiler alert, it looks like the twist, which many fans and contestants were not fans of, is back for Survivor Season 42.

‘Survivor’ Season 42 spoilers indicate that the hourglass twist is back

On the Survivor spoilers Reddit page, one fan stated that producers slightly changed the hourglass twist in season 42.

They wrote, “According to Redmond’s Patreon, one way that the exile/hourglass twist is slightly reworked is that Jeff tells the players that the person going to exile will have the opportunity to drastically change the game and will offer anyone a chance to volunteer and take the place of the exiled player.”

So instead of the show springing the twist on the contestants after it was already in play, Jeff allegedly warns them ahead of time. And while the season 41 castaways drew rocks to determine the teams, the season 42 players will be able to volunteer to go to Exile.

“Hopefully, that’s not the only tweak,” one fan said about the Survivor Season 42 spoilers. “[Because] that doesn’t really address the issue that this twist screws over the people that win the immunity when they have no reason to believe they shouldn’t win it.”


‘Survivor’ Season 42 Fans Believe 1 Tribe Is Doomed

Spoiler alert: Fans might know who goes home in tonight’s ‘Survivor’ Season 42 episode

CBS released a new promo for the April 13th episode of Survivor Season 42, and one person noticed that it spoiled many elements from the special two-hour episode. They listed all of the spoilers in a Reddit thread.

Lydia, Jonathan, Tori, Maryanne, and Hai will be on the orange team, and Drea, Chanelle, Mike, Omar, and Romeo will be on the blue team. That would mean that Rocksroy and Lindsay sit out of the reward/immunity challenge. And the Reddit user believes that Rocksroy will be the one sent to Exile Island, and Lindsay joins the orange team because they win.

And if Rocksroy breaks the hourglass, Lydia, Jonathan, Tori, Maryanne, Hai, and Lindsay are in danger of going home.

Survivor Season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.