‘Survivor’ Season 42 Spoilers: Fans Are Confident They Know Which Castaway Wins

The time has come for Survivor fans to predict who wins season 42, but they might already know who the Sole Survivor is, thanks to spoilers. An unknown person claims to know the entire boot list of the new game, and many believe that it’s correct.

[Spoiler alert: This article might contain spoilers from Survivor Season 42].

The 'Survivor' Season 42 cast poses for promotional pictures on the beach before the game and spoilers begin. Ten castaways stand in the back row, and the other eight kneel in the front row.
‘Survivor’ Season 42 cast | Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Spoiler alert: Many fans believe Maryanne wins ‘Survivor’ Season 42

Two weeks after Survivor Season 42 premiered, a Reddit thread reposted another person’s insider knowledge of spoilers. It detailed the placement of every castaway, and it even pointed out how some contestants left the game. And so far, the list has been correct.

One fan commented, “This is quite literally the most detailed boot list I’ve ever seen. Even down to Jenny leaving in a 2-2 vote, Marya shot in the dark, Zach failing the puzzle, and Jackson leaving for medication issues. Wow. This is insane.”

“Agreed, there has never been a credible source this detailed in the entire history of Survivor spoilers,” another person responded. “Makes me weary of the endgame. But time will tell.”

The Survivor Season 42 spoilers claim that Maryanne Oketch wins the game in a 7-1-0 vote. And taking into account that Maryanne is a fan favorite, many are happy that she potentially wins.

“I just really hope that the Maryanne winning spoiler is true,” a fan wrote. “Make the season worth something at least.”

Spoilers from ‘Survivor’ Season 41 turned out to be wrong

Unfortunately, only time will tell if the spoilers about Maryanne winning Survivor Season 42 are valid. But if she is not the Sole Survivor, it wouldn’t be the first time fans were wrong about the Survivor winner.

In season 41, one person claimed to have the leaked boot list, and they told fans that Tiffany Seely would win. They also got numerous facts about the game right, so many believed that their assertion was correct. But when Tiffany was the eighth person voted out, fans were shocked, to say the least.

So after the conclusion of last season, some are skeptical to believe that Maryanne is the winner. In the Reddit thread, one fan said, “Another one exactly right. Though, I’m scared Maryanne will end up like Tiffany from last season.”

The Survivor Season 42 finale airs on May 25, and if Maryanne is still in the game at that point, perhaps the spoilers are true.

Who will not win the game?

Although it’s challenging to believe spoilers regarding who wins Survivor Season 42, at least fans know a few castaways who won’t be the Sole Survivor.

In episode 1, Jeff Probst and producers medically evacuated Jackson Fox from the game, and the Ika tribe voted out Zach Wurtenberger. Then in the second hour, Taku lost the immunity challenge, and they voted out Marya Sherron. Jenny Kim of Vati was the next to go in episode 3, and Ika, after losing again, sent Swati Goel packing. So, Jackson, Zach, Marya, Jenny, and Swati do not take home the title of Sole Survivor in season 42.

There are 13 castaways left in the game, and any one of them could win. However, according to Survivor Season 42 spoilers, none stand a chance against Maryanne.

Survivor Season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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