‘Survivor’ Season 42 Spoilers: Jeff Probst Reveals a Shocking New Twist

Survivor finally returns tonight, March 9, with a new cast and plenty of wild twists. And although the upcoming game will feature many of the same elements from season 41, we now know how it will be different. Jeff Probst teases fans with a surprising new twist in a clip with spoilers from the Survivor Season 42 premiere.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the Survivor Season 42 premiere, “Feels Like a Rollercoaster.”]

'Survivor' Season 42 host Jeff Probst holds his arm up to signal the beginning of a challenge. Probst wears a black button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves and a black, green, and white 'Survivor' baseball hat.
Jeff Probst | Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

CBS spoils the first 4 minutes of the ‘Survivor’ Season 42 premiere

Per Entertainment Weekly, CBS released spoilers from the Survivor Season 42 premiere. The new clip shows the first four minutes from episode 1, where Jeff Probst discusses the game, and a few castaways introduce themselves. The host also explains that season 42 will adopt many of the same twists from season 41.

And during those few minutes, Probst sneakingly informs viewers that three players will have the chance to gain an advantage within minutes of the start of the game.

Survivor Season 42 beings with a challenge, likely for a reward. And at some point in the challenge, three contestants, all from different tribes, will come across a board that reads:

“Stop! You must wait for all three players before you make your decision. Good news! This part of the challenge requires zero effort from you! So if you want, you can grab your paddles and race back to your tribe. Or … You can agree to secretly work together … and each earn an advantage in the process. You must each untie 20 knots to retrieve your advantage … To cover your lie, spread mud and fake blood over your body to prove how hard you worked to get your paddles. You’re only moments into the game … and you already have your first big opportunity.”

This new twist is similar to Summit and Prisoner’s Dilemma from Survivor Season 41. But since it occurs during a challenge, players will have less time to decide. And photos from the Survivor Season 42 premiere seem to spoil that the three players choose to work together.

What other twists should fans expect in the new season?

Since producers filmed Survivor Season 41 and 42 back-to-back, the upcoming game will feature many of the same twists from its predecessor.

As Jeff Probst mentioned in the opening clip from the premiere, the Beware Advantage with the nonsensical phrases is back in play. One advantage will force a castaway to say, “Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Am I a potato?”

The host also hints that producers will change some of the variables of the twists from season 41, like perhaps the Shot in the Dark or Do or Die. As many fans know, Survivor is a social experiment, and season 42 may be the show’s wildest test yet.

Spoiler alert: Fans think producers will medically evacuate a ‘Survivor’ Season 42 castaway from the game

The Survivor spoilers Reddit page is confident that Jackson Fox is a medevac in season 42. One Reddit thread claimed, “Press photos confirm that … Somebody leaves before the first immunity challenge.”

The press photos for the premiere show the season’s first immunity challenge. And it looks like two castaways are sitting out. The only way this could happen in the first episode is if someone is prematurely pulled from the game, making the number of people on different tribes uneven.

Many spoilers have indicated that Jackson is a medevac in the weeks leading up to the Survivor Season 42 premiere. But we won’t know the truth until the episode airs.

Survivor Season 42 premieres Wednesday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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