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While a deserted island might not be the best place to find love, Survivor sometimes brings castaways together in unexpected ways. Many contestants have formed romantic connections on the show in the past twenty-two years, some more successful than others. And it looks like Survivor Season 42 may have brought two more contestants together after Maryanne Oketch admitted to having a crush on Zach Wurtenberger.

Maryanne Oketch, a castaway in 'Survivor' Season 42 who admitted to having a crush on Zach, wears an orange tank top, light pink shorts, and her orange buff wrapped around her head.
Maryanne Oketch | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Maryanne admitted she had a crush on Zach in ‘Survivor’ Season 42 Episode 2

After Zach’s tribemates voted him out in the Survivor Season 42 premiere, the other two tribes learned of his elimination in the second episode. And Maryanne was shocked when she didn’t see Zach walk into the Immunity Challenge with the Ika tribe. She looked back at her tribe with her jaw dropped, and Omar Zaheer said, “Your crush.”

Jeff Probst, who saw Maryanne’s reaction, pushed her to explain. She revealed, “Zach is, like, every type of white guy that I have a crush on. So, there goes that.”

Maryanne further explained that she didn’t want to start anything with Zach during Survivor. But perhaps they could’ve connected after the game was over. And Jeff encouraged her to keep her hope for love alive. Later, when Taku was at Tribal Council, Maryanne brought up her crush again before they voted Marya Sherron off the island.

Marya told Zach about Maryanne’s crush in Ponderosa

During her Survivor post-elimination interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marya revealed whether or not she told Zach about Maryanne’s crush after arriving in Ponderosa — where all the eliminated castaways go.

“I did. I spilled the beans,” Marya confessed. “I was like, ‘She wants to marry you, you’re every kinda white boy she ever wanted.'”

As for Zach’s reaction to Maryanne’s crush, Marya said, “Oh, he loved it. He was like, ‘This is great for me. I’m living in the game, even though I’m out of the game through Maryanne.’ And she became his number one. Like, ‘I want her to go as far as possible, ’cause as long as she’s in the game, I’m in the game.’ So it’s cute. Zach is amazing.”

By going off what we know about Maryanne so far, it’s safe to say that she will likely mention Zach some more in future Survivor Season 42 episodes.


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Does Maryanne have a good chance to win ‘Survivor’ Season 42?

Unfortunately, Maryanne’s tribemates contemplated sending her home in Survivor Season 42 Episode 2. They ended up saving her and eliminating Marya, but the fact that they almost got rid of Maryanne doesn’t bode well for her longevity in the game.

However, she seems to be well-liked by her tribemates. And they might mistake her youthfulness for naivety and keep her around for a long time. Plus, many Survivor superfans predict that Maryanne has a good chance of taking home the title of Sole Survivor. After all, she does seemingly find the “Beware Advantage” in episode 3. And Maryanne has strong connections with Jonathan and Omar, who could become influential players in the game.

Survivor Season 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.