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A new season of Survivor is just around the corner, and we’re incredibly excited to watch a new group of castaways battle against the elements and each other. CBS released the cast list for Survivor Season 43, and the 18 contestants seem more than ready to play the game.

The 'Survivor' Season 43 cast, including Justine Brennan, Jesse Lopez, Noelle Lambert, Dwight Moore, Nneka Ejere, Cody Assenmacher, Elie Scott, Owen Knight, Morriah Young, Sami Layadi, Jeanine Zheng, Mike Gabler, Lindsay Carmine, James Jones, Geo Bustamante, Ryan Medrano, Karla Cruz Godoy, and Cassidy Clark, pose for a group picture on the beach.
The ‘Survivor’ Season 43 cast | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

Meet the ‘Survivor’ Season 43 cast

Survivor is dedicated to its “new era,” which started with season 41. After a successful “Winners at War” installment, the producers wanted to bring renewed energy to the show. And that begins with casting only newcomers for the foreseeable future.

According to Parade, the Survivor Season 43 cast includes:

  • Cassidy Clark (26), a designer from Austin, TX
  • Cody Assenmacher (35), an elevator salesperson from Honolulu, HI
  • Dwight Moore (22), a graduate student from Collierville, TN
  • Elie Scott (31), a clinical psychologist from Salt Lake City, UT
  • Geo Bustamante (36), a project manager from Honolulu, HI
  • James Jones (37), an event planner from Philadelphia, PA
  • Jeanine Zheng (24), a UX designer from San Francisco, CA
  • Jesse Lopez (30), a political science Ph.D. student from Durham, NC
  • Justine Brennan (29), a cyber security salesperson from Marina Del Rey, CA
  • Karla Cruz Godoy (28), an educational project manager from Newark, DE
  • Lindsay Carmine (42), a pediatric nurse from Downington, PA
  • Mike Gabler (52), a heart valve specialist from Meridian, ID
  • Morriah Young (28), a teacher from Philadelphia, PA
  • Noelle Lambert (25), a Paralympian from Manchester, NH
  • Nneka Ejere (43), a pharmacist from Weatherford, TX
  • Owen Knight (30), an college admissions director from New Orleans, LA
  • Ryan Medrano (25), a warehouse associate from El Paso, TX
  • Sami Layadi (19), a pet cremator from Las Vegas, NV

Producers divided the ‘Survivor’ Season 43 cast into 3 tribes

Similar to recent seasons, the producers split up the Survivor Season 43 cast between three tribes before stepping foot in Fiji. The three tribes are Baka, Coco, and Vesi, and they all consist of six players.

The Baka tribe includes Elie, Gabler, Morriah, Owen, Jeanine, and Sami. The Coco tribe is James, Lindsay, Ryan, Geo, Karla, and Cassidy. And the Vesi tribe consists of Dwight, Nneka, Cody, Noelle, Jesse, and Justine.

As far as colors go, it looks like the Baka tribe is yellow, Coco is blue, and Vesi is red.


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Will the upcoming season recycle any twists?

Since CBS filmed Survivor Season 43 following the airing of season 41, it’s safe to assume that the cast is aware of the numerous twists from this “new era,” including the Shot in the Dark and the Hourglass. However, they shouldn’t expect some twists to carry over to season 43.

According to Inside Survivor, the Hourglass and Do or Die won’t be featured in the upcoming installment. However, the Shot in the Dark, Beware Advantages, and other controversial twists will come into play in season 43.

Survivor Season 43 premieres with a special two-hour episode on Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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