‘Survivor’ Season 43 Fans Believe 1 Castaway Gets Medevaced in an Upcoming Episode

The conditions in Survivor have resulted in numerous medical evacuations (or, as fans call them, “medevacs”) over the seasons. The producers try their best to create a safe environment for the castaways. But being stranded on an island with minimal resources can take a toll on their bodies. And some fans believe that one castaway in Survivor Season 43 is primed for a medevac in a future episode.

Mike Gabler and Sami Layadi, who star in 'Survivor' Season 43 Episode 3 on CBS, stand together at their camp. Gabler wears a tan shirt and brown shorts. Sami wears gray briefs.
Mike Gabler and Sami Layadi | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

Gabler struggled in ‘Survivor’ Season 43 Episode 2

Mike Gabler is on the Baka tribe, and as a 52-year-old heart valve specialist, he’s the oldest castaway on the show. He immediately connected with fellow tribemates Elie Scott and Sami Layadi in the Survivor Season 43 premiere, which secured his safety during the first Tribal Council. Gabler also has an immunity idol, thanks to a summit.

Gabler struggled to finish a table game at the first Immunity Challenge, and Baka lost. Back at camp, he declared that he wouldn’t play his idol and would use his Shot in the Dark at Tribal Council. Elie persuaded him not to, and they voted Morriah Young off the tribe.

Afterward, a storm hit the Baka camp, which visibly affected Gabler. In Survivor Season 43 Episode 2, he told the cameras, “This adventure is everything I can take and maybe a little bit more. I’ve never pushed my physical boundaries this far in my entire life.”

Gabler also voiced how nauseous he was just from drinking water while speaking with Owen Knight at camp. He had to lay down for hours while the others worked on their tribe’s shelter.

During a later confessional, Owen said, “I am worried about Gabler. He’s a big guy, and he’s running out of steam. And I worry that he’s not gonna be able to sustain himself out here.” Thankfully for Gabler, Baka won the next Immunity Challenge.

Some fans think Gabler will have to get medically evacuated from the game

Following Survivor Season 43 Episode 2, one fan took to Reddit to predict whether or not producers will have to medically evacuate Gabler from the island. They wrote, “Anyone else got medevac vibes from Gabler?”

One Reddit user commented, “I mean, Gabler did look unwell in the second episode.” And another fan added, “I think he’s gonna get medevac next episode.”

However, someone else pointed out, “I could see it, but I don’t think so. I think he’s just gonna be a hot mess player for the next however many weeks he’s here, and they used him getting weaker as a setup for the bag search drama.”

As fans recall, Jeanine Zheng searched through Gabler’s bag in Survivor Season 43 Episode 2 to read the note with his idol. She and the other Baka tribe members wanted to know when the idol expired. And in a preview for episode 3, Gabler learns about the bag snooping.

Another Reddit user thinks Jeanine is more likely to be a medevac than Gabler. They said, “I’m worried it will be Jeanine. She has scrapes and cuts all over her. If one of them gets infected, she’s screwed. I know people get cuts on them all the time in Survivor, but for her, being such a tiny person means it wouldn’t take long for her whole body to be affected. I could see her being a medevac or even a quit.”

Everything we know about ‘Survivor’ Season 43 Episode 3

The preview for Survivor Season 43 Episode 3, “I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers,” doesn’t suggest that producers have to medically evacuate a castaway. Instead, it shows Sami informing Gabler that Jeanine went through his bag and Gabler expressing that he wants her out next.

And the “I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers” synopsis reads, “The Beware Advantage returns and castaways must decide if they want to risk losing their vote. Also, the trust in one tribe shifts after a castaway finds out that a few tribemates have been snooping through bags around camp.”

Based on that alone, we don’t think a medevac will happen in episode 3. Perhaps one will occur in a future episode, but spoilers have shown no indication that a castaway is medically evacuated from the game. So fans will have to wait and see if the speculation and theories are true. But we’re leaning toward no.

Survivor Season 43 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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