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The first two Tribal Councils in Survivor Season 43 have resulted in blindsides for the castaways who have left the game. Can we expect another surprising and tumultuous Tribal Council in Survivor Season 43 tonight? Read on for our theories regarding who will be voted out of the game next.

The Coco, Baka, and Vesi tribes compete in the Immunity Challenge in 'Survivor' Season 43 Episode 3 tonight, Oct. 5, on CBS. Three members from each tribe stand on three different platforms in the water.
Coco, Baka, and Vesi Tribes | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

‘Survivor’ Season 43 Episode 3 airs tonight, Oct. 5

Fans won’t have to wait long to find out which castaway is the next boot because Survivor Season 43 Episode 3, “I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers,” airs tonight, Oct. 5, on CBS.

The synopsis for episode 3 reads, “The Beware Advantage returns, and castaways must decide if they want to risk losing their vote. Also, the trust in one tribe shifts after a castaway finds out that a few tribemates have been snooping through bags around camp.”

As fans recall, Cody Assenmacher found the Beware Advantage at the end of Survivor Season 43 Episode 2. He gained his vote and control of the idol when he completed a task that involved obtaining beads from his tribemates. And at the second Tribal Council of the season, he, Nneka Ejere, and Jesse Lopez voted out Justine Brennan.

What do the promo and sneak peeks tell us about the episode?

The Survivor Season 43 Episode 3 promo is brief, but it gives us insight into each tribe’s mindset. The Coco tribe celebrates a birthday in the video, and Cassidy Clark tells the camera, “We’re building a community here … Until we slit each other’s throats.”

Elsewhere, Dwight Moore of the Vesi tribe is upset with Jesse for betraying him. He says their “island marriage is strained,” and Jesse wants to “sign the divorce papers.” And at the Baka tribe, Sami Layadi informs Mike Gabler that their tribemates were looking in his bag. And Gabler says, “We’ve gotta get her out … She’s next.”

So tensions are high, but the preview leads viewers to believe Baka is heading to Tribal Council next. However, we think that’s a misdirection. Perhaps the tribe we saw the least amount of footage from — Coco — will have to lose one of their members in tonight’s episode.

CBS also released two sneak peeks from Survivor Season 43 Episode 3. In the first one, Elie Scott and Jeanine Zheng discuss Gabler’s deteriorating health. And they agree that he should be the next one to go, as long as he doesn’t know that his immunity idol is still good for one more Tribal Council.

In the second video, the Coco tribe celebrates James Jones’ birthday, which we saw in the promo. And we also hear more from Cassidy’s camera talk. She says, “It literally is like a community here. We’re building it slowly … Until we slit each other’s throats. But, you know, for now, everything’s peachy.”


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Who will be voted out tonight in ‘Survivor’ Season 43?

Based on the first two episodes, the promo, and the sneak peeks, we believe that Coco will be heading to Tribal Council in Survivor Season 43 Episode 3. They are too kumbaya at the moment, and losing the next challenge is bound to break the peace.

The promo and the sneak peek depict the same footage from Coco’s camp, leading us to believe that CBS didn’t want to spoil too much about their tribe. And we highly doubt that Baka will go to Tribal Council because we already know what their drama will be in tonight’s episode. Vesi is a good second guess, but we’re placing our bet on Coco.

Of the Coco members, Geo Bustamante will likely be the first to go. His relationship with Ryan Medrano is seen as a threat, and their other tribemates will probably want to keep Ryan for his strength. Plus, Geo’s story has been significant in the first two episodes. However, it all comes down to Karla Cruz Godoy, who will have to choose between her alliance with the women and James and her allegiance to Geo and Ryan.

Our final prediction is that host Jeff Probst will snuff Geo’s torch tonight.

Survivor Season 43 Episode 3 premieres tonight, Oct. 5, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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