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When it comes to Survivor Season 43, fans are a little wary of believing spoilers. Some have proven false, while we have to wait to see if others are accurate or just rumors. And sometimes viewers catch things from the episodes that contradict “spoilers.” Thanks to one fan, a brief image in the Survivor Season 43 premiere might debunk one leak.

[Spoiler alert: This article may contain spoilers from Survivor Season 43.]

Host Jeff Probst explains a challenge to the 'Survivor' Season 43 castaways, who, according to spoilers, will face a storm in episode 2.
Jeff Probst, Vesi, Baka, and Coco tribes | Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

‘Survivor’ Season 43 fans notice one suspicious image from the premiere

One fan took to Reddit to share a potential spoiler they caught while watching the Survivor Season 43 premiere. They posted an image of Ryan Medrano, a castaway on the Coco tribe, taken from his intro video. In the photo, Ryan appears to be wearing a green Buff. And as fans know, Coco’s color is blue. Survivor Season 43 spoilers indicate that green is the merged tribe’s color.

The Reddit user posited, “Is Ryan wearing the mint green merge buff around his neck?” So does Ryan make the merge?

Another fan pointed out, “If this is true, then it’s going to send the spoiler community into a tailspin. Everyone is already convinced Ryan is one of the next few to go.”

While nothing is certain, some leaks suggested that Ryan didn’t make it very far in Survivor Season 43. But this image proves otherwise.

Fans debate whether the photo is real or not

One person pointed out in the Reddit thread, “That buff does look very weird actually could definitely be a Buff-O-Matic situation. I think it’s possible it’s from the merge, but they tried to make it look like it wasn’t … Could also just be pre-merge with weird lighting, and they tried color correcting it. Who knows?”

CBS is known to use a little editing magic to change the colors of Buffs in Survivor previews. So that could certainly be the case for this photo of Ryan. However, one has to wonder why they couldn’t make it look more like his blue Coco Buff. Perhaps the network did slip up and spoil that Ryan makes the merge.

However, another fan was more focused on another part of the image. They wrote, “After further analysis, I’m going to say no because the beard looks too clean, and he already has this much facial hair on day four.”

Unfortunately, the only way to know if Ryan makes the Survivor merge or not is to wait for the episodes to air.


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Alleged spoilers indicate the ‘Survivor’ Season 43 winner

Whereas fans had the entire bootlist spoiled for Survivor Season 42, nothing is certain regarding Survivor Season 43 spoilers. But many believe that Elie Scott is the winner, thanks to one Reddit user who has proven to be right in the past.

Elie is currently on the Baka tribe, and she had a strong presence in the premiere. Based on her edit, we wouldn’t be surprised if she was the Sole Survivor. But only time will tell if this spoiler is correct.

Survivor Season 43 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. And check back in to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more Survivor Season 43 spoilers.