‘Sweet Magnolias’ Fans Desperate for Season 3, Convinced These 2 Characters Are Endgame

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 answered a lot of fan questions. (Who was in the car? Who are Isaac’s parents?) But the hit Netflix series left viewers with just as many things to ponder, from Maddie’s future with Cal to the identity of a very angry mystery woman to Helen’s reaction to that huge question. And that’s just the drama among Serenity’s adults. There was also plenty happening with the town’s younger set, including a simmering love triangle between three teen characters.

Netflix has not yet renewed Sweet Magnolias for season 3. But fans are desperate for more episodes, which many think will reveal which two people in that triangle are really meant to be together. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Magnolias Season 2.]

Annie and Jackson’s romance in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 

Jackson and Annie kissing in Sweet Magnolias' Season 2
Sam Ashby as Jackson and Anneliese Judge as Annie Sullivan in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 | Courtesy Of Netflix © 2021

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Kyle’s (Logan Allen) prom night car crash in the season 1 finale had consequences that reverberated throughout Sweet Magnolias Season 2. One of the most surprising was the way it pushed Jackson (Sam Ashby) and Annie (Anneliese Judge) together. 

The two high school students weren’t exactly friends in season 1. But in season 2, they grew closer. Annie defended Jackson after he was blamed for causing Tyler’s (Carson Rowland) devastating injury. And Jackson proved to be surprisingly supportive of Annie, who was in need of a loyal friend. Eventually, the two embarked on a sweet summer romance, much to the dismay of Ty, whose relationship with Annie has been complicated ever since they shared that kiss in season 1. 

Unfortunately, Annie and Jackson’s romance hit a speed bump thanks to conflict between their parents. Annie’s mom Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) is part of the group trying to get his dad, Serenity’s mayor, recalled from office. Because of that, Jackson’s mom Mary Vaughn (Allison Gabriel) ordered her son to stay away from Annie. The rebellious Jackson ignored his mom’s order, and he and Annie were very much together when the season ended. But will their relationship survive the outside pressure, especially when school resumes in the fall? 

Fans hope Ty and Annie get together 

Jackson and Annie might be a cute couple, but for many of the show’s fans, Annie and Ty are endgame. They think Annie’s relationship with Jackson will be relatively short-lived. They theorize the show will eventually push Ty (who has already broken up with his girlfriend CeCe) and Annie together, assuming Netflix does renew Sweet Magnolias for another season. 

“Ty and Annie season 3 please,” one fan commented on Rowland’s Instagram.  

“Jackson & Annie cute couple but Ty & Anne is true love,” another wrote. Many others commented on social media about their desire to see Ty and Annie – or “Tyannie” – together in Sweet Magnolias Season 3. 

The ‘Sweet Magnolias’ books offer a big clue about Ty and Annie’s future

Carson Rowland as Ty, wearing a white shirt and a tie, in 'Sweet Magnolias' Season 2
Carson Rowland as Ty Townsend in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 | Courtesy Of Netflix © 2021

Sweet Magnolias has dropped plenty of hints that Ty and Annie are eventually going to realize their feelings for each other are more than platonic, such as Ty’s barely concealed jealousy in season 2. But there’s another reason that fans are convinced the two end up together. [Warning: spoilers ahead for the Sweet Magnolias books.]

The Netflix series is based on a series of novels by Sherryl Woods. The show has already diverged in some major ways from the source material. (There was no prom night car crash in the books, for example.) But other plot points have remained mostly intact. And Ty and Annie do eventually end up together in Woods’ novels. That has many fans thinking the same will happen in the show. But for now, fans will simply have to wait and keep their fingers crossed that Netflix decides to order another season of Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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