‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: Netflix Finally Reveals 2022 Release Date

Sweet Magnolias fans are finally going to find out who was in the car. Netflix has set an early 2022 release date for season 2 of the series, which is based on a series of books by Sherryl Woods. 

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 releases on Feb. 4 

Dana Sue, Helen, and Maddie smiling and holding hands in 'Sweet Magnolias' Season 2
Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue Sullivan, Heather Headley as Helen Decatur, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2′ | Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021

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Fans have been waiting a long time for new episodes of Sweet Magnolias. Season 1 premiered back in May 2020. The show was swiftly renewed, and production began earlier in 2021. 

Now, we finally know when we’ll see those new episodes. Sweet Magnolias Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, Feb. 4, 2022. The new season will have 10 episodes. 

The next season of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ will resolve that huge season 1 cliffhanger 

The first season of Sweet Magnolias ended on a major cliffhanger when Maddie’s (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) son Kyle (Logan Allen) was in a prom night car accident. He was pulled from the car’s wreckage and rushed to the hospital. But the fate of an unnamed second passenger in the car was unclear. 

When season 2 opens, Maddie and her two best friends Helen (Heather Headley) and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) learn who was in the car. However, that’s not the only surprise that comes out of Prom Night, and the revelations from that evening could reshape many relationships in Serenity. It sounds like things could get pretty intense, based on Netflix’s description of the season: “Friendships flounder. Old loves end and new loves begin. Long-hidden secrets disrupt jobs, change lives, and shift the balance of power in Serenity. Everyone is affected.”

While it seems that the events of Prom Night will reverberate throughout the season, Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue remain strong and committed to fighting for what is right for themselves and those they love, even when that comes at a high cost. But it’s possible there are some problems that even Margarita Night can’t help solve.  

JoAnna Garcia Swisher says season 2 is ‘juicy’ 

Smiling JoAnna Garcia Swisher with the back of a man's head in the foreground in 'Sweet Magnolias' Season 2
JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 | Richard Ducree/Netflix © 2021

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What happens in Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is anyone’s guess. Will Kyle and his mystery passenger survive the accident? Who are Isaac’s (Chris Medlin) birth parents? Has a pregnant Noreen (Jamie Lynn Spears) really left Serenity? (Probably not, as Spears has been upped to a series regular for season 2.) 

We’ll have to wait until February to get answers to those and other questions about the Sweet Magnolias gang. But chances are, the revelations are going to shock you. 

“I can’t say much but I can say it’s going to be a wild ride, so hold onto your hat,” Swisher told Showbiz Cheat Sheet earlier this year. “It’s like pedal to the metal. No joke, season 2, yes, there are some incredible lighthearted, beautiful moments and love stories and great blessings, but it’s a lot. It’s juicy. It was fun to do.”

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