‘Tattoo Redo’: Host Jessimae Peluso Has Made Her Own ‘Bad Decisions’ When It Comes to Ink

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. They turn your body into a canvas and show off the things you love the most. You can permanently tattoo a favorite flower, your child’s name, hobbies, virtually anything else. If you can imagine it, a tattoo artist can typically put it on your body. The other side of this sword, so to speak, is the fact it is permanent. This can lead to tattoo regret, as highlighted by Netflix‘s newest reality television series Tattoo Redo, which is hosted by Jessimae Peluso.

‘Tattoo Redo’: What is it about?

We have all heard stories about people with tattoo regret, whether it’s misspelled words, ugly designs, tramp stamps, and more. Thanks to Google, many of us have already seen at least some of the hilarious tattoos gone wrong. (Even celebrities are not immune to it!) Often, we laugh at others’ misfortune, but what if it was you? What if you were the one who lost a bet, got a drunken tattoo, or simply outgrew the nickname you were given in college?

Tattoo Redo is a series that promises to help fix the regret with clever cover-ups. There are five tattoo artists on the set: Miryam Lumpini, Tommy Montoya, Twig Sparks, Rose Hardy, and Matt Beckerich. These artists, the person with a bad tattoo, and a loved one who wishes the tattoo would go away are all brought together to get creative with the cover-up. The only catch is that the loved one gets to decide on what the cover-up tattoo for their loved one will be. It is a move that makes the show even more interesting and slightly shocking.

Jessimae Peluso hosts the new series ‘Tattoo Redo’

Jessimae Peluso attends Comedy Central's "The High Court" Premiere Party.
Jessimae Peluso attends Comedy Central’s “The High Court” Premiere Party. | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Peluso is an American stand-up comedian and television personality who is best known for her role in MTV’s Girl Code. Although very careful to avoid mentioning spoilers for the new Netflix series, Peluso told New York Upstate that she has some tattoo regrets and “bad decisions” of her own, including a back piece tattoo that is “comparable to Ben Affleck’s giant phoenix rising.” In this interview, she also refers to the show and one woman’s tramp stamp, which “shocked me (Peluso) to my core.”

If you are interested in watching this newest, perhaps hilarious, series on Netflix, you can now do so. The release date for Tattoo Redo was on July 28, 2021, and Peluso hopes that everyone will start binge-watching to ensure a successful second season — and one that hopefully has fewer complications than the first.

Challenges arose when filming ‘Tattoo Redo’

In the same interview with New York Upstate, Peluso expressed that Tattoo Redo was a long time in the works. It is a show that took two to three years to become fully realized. Much of the series was shot with COVID-19 restrictions firmly in place. This includes quarantine, travel restrictions, and much more. However, Peluso does not regret working on the project for so long. She explains, “It was tedious but worth it.”

Currently, there are six episodes available on Netflix, with the first one being titled “Who’s Ready to See Some Bad Tattoos?” The synopsis for it talks about how “Matt transforms a black blob into a bouquet, Tommy Montoya gives a raunchy quote a skull and ‘shrooms redo, while rose tackles a tribute to an ex.'”

When you tune in, you will hear the stories that led to their rotten tattoos, along with Peluso reiterating that “behind every tragic tattoo, there is always a ridiculous story.” Beyond the stories, you will hear what challenges the tattoo artist faces in trying to cover it up — and then the final reveal is something no one should miss.

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