Taylor Swift’s Favorite Recipe Is a 25-Minute Ina Garten Dish

Taylor Swift has had quite a year. While many people were weathering the pandemic by perfecting their sourdough bread baking skills, Swift managed to drop not one, but two surprise albums. But creativity is sort of a theme in her life, ever since she was a kid. And it turns out that she doesn’t just create music; she’s also pretty good in the kitchen, too

Taylor Swift’s childhood was unique at times

According to Insider, Swift had some unusual experiences as a kid. She lived on a Christmas tree farm from when she was five years old until she was 10. Although she admits it was “a weird place to grow up,” she also says it left her with a lasting feeling of enthusiasm for the holiday season. 

Perhaps her whimsical surroundings encouraged her artistic drive. That creativity could be seen early, such as when she wrote a novel when she was only 14 years old. The book, called A Girl Named Girl, still exists as a single copy that her parents own. Maybe her next surprise project could be a book?

That early writing ability is evident in her songs. And although her fans feel that her lyrics are extraordinary, the inspiration for them is often pretty relatable. 

“Sometimes the lines in a song are lines you wish you could text-message somebody in real life,” Swift once explained. “I would just be constantly writing all these zingers — like, ‘Burn. That would really get her.'”

Swift loves to cook — and eat

Delish reports that Swift likes to keep her diet pretty clean during the week. She focuses on healthy food, like salad, yogurt, and sandwiches. She tries to avoid sugary drinks, but she’s been known to indulge in something special such as lavender lemonade. 

On the weekends, she’s more likely to give in to temptation. She’ll enjoy some pizza with a glass of wine, or even treat herself to a hot dog. She also likes to bake, proudly posting pictures of the results of her efforts, such as chai sugar cookies with eggnog icing or cinnamon buns. 

One of her favorite recipes brings together her healthier eating style with her love of flavorful food. Even better, it’s a recipe from a good friend, the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten

She loves this quick, flavorful recipe

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Garten and Swift have been mutual fans of each other for many years. Garten owns all of Swift’s albums, and Swift in turn has a copy of each of Garten’s cookbooks. They’ve spent time together, cooking (and drinking), and they seem genuinely fond of each other. 

With Swift’s friendship with such a famous professional cook, as well as her fondness for things that are unique, it’s not surprising that her favorite meal isn’t something ordinary like a sautéed chicken breast. Instead, one of her go-to favorite recipes is Garten’s Mustard-Roasted Fish.

Although this recipe comes together quickly and only calls for a few ingredients, it’s a flavorful and satisfying meal. It calls for mild-flavored fish fillet, such as red snapper, then roasts them in a creamy sauce with two kinds of mustard, shallots, and capers. After a short prep time, it only needs to be in the oven to roast for 10 to 15 minutes. 

The recipe is typical for Garten: long on flavor and simple elegance, but short on fuss. And Swift’s appreciation of it is pretty much what you’d expect of her, too. After all, she always seemed to have an affinity for things that are a little unusual, and she’s a big supporter of her friends.