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Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in the music industry, known for her autobiographical lyrics, danceable tunes, and habit of cultivating a “squad” of celeb friends like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez.

Swift became famous when she was still very young, but has managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls of fame, unlike some other young stars. The one-time country songstress is also considered to be one of pop music’s most beautiful superstars, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Swift is a statuesque young woman and definitely puts in work to maintain her super-slim figure — especially the feature that is considered to be one of her most famous assets.

Taylor Swift is known for her long legs

Taylor Swift on the red carpet
Taylor Swift | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Taylor Swift originally rose to fame as a country music singer, holding a guitar and belting out soulful songs onstage. Over the years, her style, as well as her preferred musical genre, has evolved, and now she primarily sings pop songs. She has also changed up her onstage looks, going from demure dresses to bolder, flashy outfits that perfectly befit her pop star status.

One of Swift’s go-to outfits for her concerts include shorts, typically bedazzled with rhinestones and glitter. Such getups perfectly showcase her super-long legs (Swift is around 5’11”) and allow her maximum flexibility onstage.

Her legs are so important to her onstage persona, in fact, that reportedly she insured them for $40 million. Her transformation from a sweet, youthful singer into a confident woman has been almost entirely done in the public eye, and while it might not have always been easy, Swift recently opened up and admitted that she is done “stressing” about her body or what other people might think of her. 

What is Taylor Swift’s diet and exercise routine?

In spite of her confidence, looking and feeling good doesn’t always come easily. Taylor Swift follows a diet and exercise plan in order to stay fit and able to give her all on stage. When it comes to her diet, Swift’s top priority is staying hydrated.

Reportedly, she drinks close to ten bottles of water every day. Swift tries to eat healthily all throughout the week, sticking with light and fresh staples such as salads, yogurt, and sandwiches. She generally steers clear of fried foods, although she admitted to loving “burgers and fries” and allows herself to indulge on the weekends.

Swift is also a Starbucks fiend and treats herself to her favorite Starbucks drinks throughout the week.

Her exercise routine is all about cardio and maintaining her resilience and endurance for grueling stage performances. She favors steady workouts on the elliptical or treadmill but also relies on high-intensity workouts that target specific muscle groups. When it comes to her most valuable asset (besides her high-powered singing voice), Swift turns to one workout in particular.

Taylor Swift’s signature leg workout 

Taylor Swift is a devotee of the Body by Simone Method, a full-body workout that focuses on a lot of leg workouts. The method incorporates a lot of dancing and fast-paced movements as well as stretches and bodyweight exercises like leg lifts.

The Body by Simone Method encourages a lot of participation, so it is likely that Swift brings members of her squad to workout sessions with her. One of the method’s signature workouts is the “Froggy,” a move likely incorporated by Swift during her workouts. The move targets the back, hips, inner thighs, and hamstrings, and is performed by lying facedown and using the legs to lift an exercise ball.

Plenty of Body by Simone workouts are online, so Taylor Swift fans who want to emulate her lean, fit form can easily follow along with one of the 20-minute sessions. It’s clear that Swift works hard to stay pop-star fit but still doesn’t like to deprive herself of any of the joys of life.