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We know Caelynn Miller-Keyes for her fun and healthy relationship with Dean Unglert now. But prior to her time on Bachelor in Paradise, she had a different reputation. When she first appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, she was known for her beef with Hannah Brown. And she’s addressing the rumors that she’s catty and mean now.

Here’s what Miller-Keyes said about her “mean” demeanor and why others assume she’s not a nice person.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes developed a mean reputation after ‘The Bachelor’

Caelynn Miller-Keyes visits 'Extra' at Universal Studios Hollywood
Caelynn Miller-Keyes visits ‘Extra’ at Universal Studios Hollywood | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Miller-Keyes made it quite far on Underwood’s season, and the breakup broke her heart. But it was her drama with Brown that made up the bulk of her storyline. Miller-Keyes and Brown were both pageant girls, and they didn’t get along outside of the show. This made for major on-screen drama that dominated multiple episodes.

“We met. We were hanging out. We got along great. … We were great friends,” Miller-Keyes explained on the Almost Famous podcast, according to KMOV4. “There was a rift in the friendship. It was just, like, small things. … It was starting to feel competitive and I didn’t want our friendship to be competitive.”

The tension between the ladies grew even more when Brown was cast as the lead for The Bachelorette. “It stung and I was upset,” Miller-Keyes added. “I was kind of led to believe that it was mine and then suddenly it wasn’t and it was Hannah’s. … Looking back on previous seasons, it’s always been in the top four and then to branch out and to pick Hannah, it hurt.”

Dean Unglert said he actually liked that Miller-Keyes was viewed as ‘catty’

Miller-Keyes’ relationship with Unglert has certainly changed her for the better. And it seems her reputation as a catty mean girl didn’t deter Unglert from pursuing their relationship. While they had a rocky start on Bachelor in Paradise, they’re still going strong a year later. And Unglert noted before that he actually liked that Miller-Keyes didn’t have a squeaky-clean rep.

“All the people that I’ve dated publicly from the Bachelor franchise — I’m not going to name names — but they’ve always been regarded as these great women. They are great people,” Unglert told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, according to Bachelor Nation. But he said this also came with a lot of pressure, as he was “always regarded as the lesser version of them, they were slumming it to be with me, and they were so much better than me.”

As for Miller-Keyes, he noted that because she’s viewed as “a mean, catty person at times is relieving to me because it removes so much pressure from me to try to prove to other people that I’m worth your time.”

Miller-Keyes explained why people think she’s mean


Dean Unglert Just Fired Back at a ‘Bachelor’ Fan Who Said He Pushes Caelynn Miller-Keyes Too Much

Now, Miller-Keyes is talking about why some think she’s so rude. She posted a Q&A video to YouTube on Aug. 17 to address it.

“People think that I’m mean because I’m quiet and I’m still shy, still overcoming that shyness, but like, I’m more introverted,” Miller-Keyes explained. “And because I’m quiet — and I’m such an observer. I love to sit back and watch. I take in information that way. I’m not judging, I’m just observing. And people perceive that as being mean, being judgy.”

Since Miller-Keyes and Unglert have been going so strong, it seems fans are changing their tune, though. Miller-Keyes continues to stray outside of her comfort zone and venture out into the wild for adventures she never would’ve had in pageantry. And while she had issues with Brown in the past (and a few other Bachelor stars), it’s all behind her now.

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