‘The Bachelorette’: Erich Defends Logan: ‘He Didn’t Want to Hurt Anybody’s Feelings’

ABC’s The Bachelorette Season 19 continues with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s journey. Gabby is down to her final six men, while Rachel is down to her final five after Logan Palmer decided to switch who he’s pursuing. More recently, contestant Erich Schwer defended Logan’s choice. Here’s what he said.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelorette spoilers ahead regarding Logan Palmer in season 19.]

Logan Palmer chooses to pursue Gabby Windey after accepting Rachel Recchia’s roses

Logan Palmer and Rachel Recchia sitting on a couch together on 'The Bachelorette' Season 19
Logan Palmer and Rachel Recchia | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia strongly connected with Logan Palmer at the beginning of The Bachelorette Season 19. But when Rachel decided to pursue Logan, Gabby backed off. Unfortunately, as the season progressed, Logan admitted he had stronger feelings for Gabby than he did for Rachel. After accepting several roses from Rachel, he found her in her private room on the cruise ship to tell her the truth.

This sent Rachel into a spiral. She canceled her group date that day and spoke to host Jesse Palmer about the situation. Before Logan’s rejection, she was rejected by several other men she attempted to give roses to. “I feel like I’m just getting dealt really bad cards,” she explains to Jesse. “Like, pretty much in a row. So, it’s hard to keep having momentum.”

Logan then told Gabby his feelings. After confirming with Rachel that it was OK to pursue something with Logan, Gabby accepted Logan into her group of men — and many of the other contestants weren’t happy.

Erich Schwer defends Logan’s behavior on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 19

Rachel Recchia struggled with Logan Palmer’s decision on The Bachelorette Season 19. But Gabby Windey’s contestant, Erich Schwer, defended Logan’s behavior while speaking to the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, according to Bachelor Nation.

“Logan was a guy that I connected with right off the bat back at the house,” Erich shared. “We did split up on the boat and we didn’t have any interaction with the other guys on that side. I knew he was a great dude and we were good friends in the beginning, so when I saw him again, I was like, ‘Dang, he’s on our side now?! I’ve gotta go against him?’”

Despite being worried about how Logan may impact his connection with Gabby, Erich explained how he didn’t let his insecurities get the best of him. “We spent a lot of time with Logan during it all,” he noted. “He talked to us a lot about his decision and how it wasn’t easy. You could see in his face how distraught he was, and we just kept talking. … This has been a decision that wasn’t easy for him at all. He didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but he wanted to give this his best shot and did what he felt he needed to do.”

How long does Logan stay on ‘The Bachelorette’?

So, does Logan Palmer make it to hometowns on The Bachelorette Season 19? Reality Steve notes Gabby Windey brings Johnny DePhillipo, Erich Schwer, and Jason Alabaster to hometowns. And the preview for the episode airing on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022, appears to show Logan leaving. Reality Steve also reports that Logan leaves the show due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

This isn’t the last fans have seen of Logan, though. The Bachelorette spoilers note Logan takes the hot seat during the “Men Tell All,” and he’ll certainly be taking some heat from host Jesse Palmer for his actions during the season.

The Bachelorette Season 19 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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