‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Gabby and Jason’s Fantasy Suite Drama Details

ABC’s The Bachelorette Season 19 Fantasy Suites are well underway, and Gabby Windey’s much-anticipated date with Jason Alabaster is next. Gabby and Jason hit it off early on, but something goes awry during Fantasy Suites week. So, what goes down? Here are The Bachelorette spoilers regarding the matter.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelorette spoilers ahead regarding Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster’s Fantasy Suites date.]

Jason Alabaster and Gabby Windey’s daytime date during Fantasy Suites week takes place at the resort

Jason Alabaster and Gabby Windey on 'The Bachelorette' Season 19. 'The Bachelorette' spoilers note he leaves Fantasy Suites week.
Jason Alabaster and Gabby Windey | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

The first night of The Bachelorette Season 19 Fantasy Suites were a mixed bag for Gabby Windey. She sent Johnny DePhillipo packing after she realized she didn’t have a strong enough connection with him to move forward, and they left on good terms. She also had her overnight date with Erich Schwer, which went incredibly well. However, the end of the episode showed Erich telling Gabby he didn’t like that she was potentially forming other physical relationships with other men.

Now, on night two of the Fantasy Suites, Gabby and Jason Alabaster’s date will be showcased. According to The Bachelorette spoiler account bachelorsherlock, Jason and Gabby have a daytime date at the resort, the Grand Luxxe – Vidanta in Mexico. Their date involves tennis and swimming. From there, they go to their dinner date at the Havana Moon restaurant — and from there, the date takes a turn for the worse.

During Jason and Gabby’s dinner date, Jason tells Gabby he doesn’t feel he knows her very well. Gabby leaves the date and cries to the producers. It’s highly unlikely the two go to the Fantasy Suites after this.

‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Gabby and Jason likely say their goodbyes in a resort suite

According to The Bachelorette spoilers early on, Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster part ways during Fantasy Suites week. Spoilers suggest Jason walks away from Gabby in the end, though it was unclear exactly where their breakup occurred.

Footage showed Gabby leaving the hotel suite room in tears, and she’s wearing a yellow dress. She then walked through the lobby of the hotel and outside. Given the earlier spoilers, it seemed likely that Jason told Gabby he could no longer continue with her right before she tearfully left the room.

As for what really went down, Gabby and Jason headed to the Fantasy Suites, but Jason expressed doubts during the overnight portion of their date. While Gabby hoped to make her relationship with Jason work, they weren’t on the same page, and she felt led on by his behavior. The following morning, they said their goodbyes.

Gabby’s crying scenes in the teasers are because of this goodbye

Fans keeping up with The Bachelorette Season 19 teasers have seen Gabby Windey crying while wearing a yellow dress. “Am I too broken for anyone to love?” she asks the camera. According to The Bachelorette spoilers, she’s talking about Jason in this instance.

Additional clips of Gabby in the same dress show her wiping her eyes of tears while questioning herself. “This is my nightmare,” she says, likely also talking about Jason.

On the flip side, the second night of the Fantasy Suites features Erich and Gabby reconciling after the tense cliffhanger from night one. And with only Erich left, it’s clear who Gabby chooses to end the show with.

The Bachelorette Season 19 Fantasy Suites continue on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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