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The Bold and the Beautiful is known for introducing hot young talents to the world of daytime TV. The soap opera has been in almost continuous syndication since 1987, bringing drama and romance to millions of viewers worldwide. Fans love taking to social media to discuss storylines and characters, sharing their thoughts with showrunners and other viewers.

Recently, fans responded to a post on the official The Bold and the Beautiful Twitter account, calling for the return of a fan favorite and joking about why the character has been absent in recent weeks. 

What did fans on Twitter say about wanting more Finn in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

The Bold and the Beautiful Finn Tanner Novlan
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ actors Kayla Ewell and Tanner Novlan, who plays Finn | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

At the end of March, The Bold and the Beautiful Twitter account shared a post revealing Finn’s surprise visit to Sheila. Fans quickly responded, offering their thoughts on why Finn has been MIA from the soap opera.

“Ours not to question why. At this point, I don’t care. He’s a sight for sore eyes!” one fan wrote.

Numerous other viewers detailed how happy they are that Finn is “finally” back.

“So nice to see Finn back!” one fan tweeted.

Another jokingly shared a GIF of actor Tanner Novlan’s Liberty Mutual insurance commercial, writing, “So that’s what Finn has been doing.”

The comments have been being overwhelmingly positive. So it’s clear Finn is one of the most popular characters currently appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful, even if storylines have given him short shrift in recent weeks. 

Finn recently sustained injuries in a traumatic shooting on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

The character of Finn Finnegan has been on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2020. Introduced as a hot leading man, Finn, played by Tanner Novlan, is the biological son of Sheila Carter and Jack Finnegan. Finn’s longtime romance with Steffy Forrester has been a primary storyline on the soap for several years, culminating in their marriage and the birth of their daughter, Haye Finnegan. 

In the most recent episodes, fans watched as Finn got involved in a confrontation between Steffy and Sheila. As Sheila pulls a gun on Steffy, Finn jumps into action to defend Steffy and takes a bullet.

With Finn critically injured and his future on The Bold and the Beautiful hanging in the balance, many fans wonder about what could be next for the character — especially because Novlan hasn’t been on the show much this year. 

What’s next for Tanner Novlan?

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Tanner Novlan and Kayla Ewell Expecting Second Child

Novlan has played Finn since 2020, but beginning in December 2021, the actor has been mostly absent from the series that helped make him a star.

Novlan has been working on various other projects, including a pilot for a new show, Puckheads, according to IMDb. He’s also been busy filming new Liberty Mutual spots and has since become the face of the insurance company.

His busy schedule may explain Novlan’s absence from the soap opera. Still, some fans speculate the actor’s future on The Bold and the Beautiful is in question.

To date, showrunners haven’t confirmed anything about Novlan’s future. Still, reports Novlan is ending his association with The Bold and the Beautiful and will announce his departure in the coming weeks. Until then, fans will have to wait to see what happens with Finn and what Novlan says about his next steps.