‘The Boys’: What Is the ‘Herogasm’ Scene Coming in Season 3?

The first two seasons of The Boys premiered to critical and audience acclaim, transferring the gritty and often grotesque comic book material to the screen with efficiency. Though subtracting some of the source’s more unbearable moments, many dark and debaucherous narratives made their way into the Amazon series. Based on an interview with showrunner Eric Kripke, season 3 has another scene planned to satisfy comic enthusiasts. 

The Boys
‘The Boys’ | Images for Amazon Studios

Jensen Ackles’ Solider Boy and Homelander will not have their comic-book-famous sex scene in the Amazon series 

As soon as Jensen Ackles signed on to play Soldier Boy — a twisted version of Marvel’s Captain America — questions concerning his relationship with Homelander began to surface. 

In the comics, all Soldier Boy yearns for is to be a part of the Seven. And, he is willing to do almost anything to snag a spot in the lineup. Thus, there is an inappropriate sex scene between Homelander and Soldier Boy, which the latter views as an audition of sorts. Yet, this moment will not come to life on the screen. 

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While the scene between a bumbling and innocent Soldier Boy and a manipulative and power-hungry Homelander will be absent from the narrative, fans will receive a “herogasm” in its place. So, what is a herogasm? 

What to expect of the ‘herogasm’ scene in ‘The Boys,’ season 3 

As ScreenRant notes, Eric Kripke explained that a herogasm scene is on the way, stating, “There will be a Herogasm in season 3. You’ve earned it, you deserve it, and you’re gonna get it.” As for what to expect from the scene, it’s pretty much the two words meshed to form a hedonistic, superhero filled event. 

The Herogasm is a Vought-sponsored event during which superheroes from all over the world indulge in a night of pure debauchery. From unlimited drugs to endless sex, the night permits the superheroes to engage in their weirdest fantasies, taking a break from the corporate superhero lifestyles that they must uphold for the public. How exactly such a moment will transfer to the screen remains unconfirmed. 

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Based on character development thus far, it’s likely that both Homelander and A-Train will be present. Depending on The Deep’s situation with The Church of the Collective, he could appear, if he resorts to his more character-typical baser instincts. Starlight will likely be absent, and Queen Maeve may skip out on the event as well. Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy will presumably not be in the scene if his character aligns with his comic book illustration.