‘The Boys’: Why Mother’s Milk Looks and Sounds So Familiar

Mother’s Milk, whose real name is Marvin T. Milk, is one of the main protagonists in the Amazon original The Boys. Though he enters the show as an ex-vigilante with a solid job and a strong family life, he gets drawn back into the world of covert anti-superhero operations. And, in season 2, he’s willing to do all he can to be reunited with his family. Yet, he’s a bit more empathetic than Butcher, making for a three-dimensional and somewhat unpredictable character. 

The Boys Laz Alonso
Laz Alonso | Kevin Winter / Staff

If Mother’s Milk looks and sounds familiar, it’s likely because the actor behind the character has appeared in a handful of well-known productions — major cinematic blockbusters and TV shows alike. So, what else has Laz Alonso been in, and which characters besides Mother’s Milk is he best known for. 

Laz Alonso played Tsu’tey in the 2009 triumph ‘Avatar’ 

Though Laz Alonso doesn’t quite look the same in James Cameron’s cinematic spectacle Avatar — as the blue makeup and long hairdo erase his actual appearance — the voice is unmistakable. 

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Alonso played Tsu’tey in the 2009 blockbuster sensation. Tse’tey was the Omaticaya clan’s greatest warrior who worked alongside Jake Sully to lead the Na’vi against RDA forces in the Assault on the Tree of Souls. He dies in battle at the hands of a machine gun, yet he is a prominent figure in the movie. 

‘The Boys’ star portrayed Fenix in the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise 

Alonso appeared in 2009’s Fast & Furious as Fenix, and his character was uncredited in the 2013 Fast & Furious 6. The character was Arturo Braga’s lead henchman and led the team that ran drugs under the US-Mexico border. He is the secondary antagonist in the Fast & Furious, and he also attempted to kill Lenny Ortiz, as FastandFurious.fandom notes.  

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Alonso starred in ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ from 2014 to 2016 

The Mysteries of Laura was a comedy crime show about an NYC homicide detective who cracks multiple cases — one right after the next — all while raising rowdy twin boys. The show starred Debra Messing (as the lead character, Laura Diamond) and Josh Lucas. Alonso portrayed Billy Soto: an NYPD detective who is Laura’s partner

Outside the above productions, Alonso has also starred in L.A.’s Finest, Armed, The Bobby Brown Story, Traffik, Detroit, and more. He is also set to appear in Wrath of Man and The Harder They Fall.