The Cast Members of ‘Seinfeld’ Weren’t Friends, According to Jason Alexander

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer made so many stops at “the coffee shop,” and went through so much together in the nine seasons of Seinfeld. The foursome’s friendship was solid, even up to their imprisonment by the series finale.

The cast of 'Seinfeld'
The cast of ‘Seinfeld’ | David Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

So it’s hard to believe, according to Jason Alexander, who brilliantly played George Costanza, that for the cast members in real life, it was all just business.

They seemed like such good friends on ‘Seinfeld’

The four characters, at least on the iconic and often-quoted comedy series, seemed to be good friends. Or maybe they were never able to find any other people who could stand being with them.

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Through thick and thin, through bets, relationships, and endless meals and movies together, when Jerry, George, Kramer, or Elaine had a problem or some minute detail to report about their day, they would turn to one another. Or at least to Jerry’s apartment, where they would all ultimately show up.

Peter Mehlman, one of Seinfeld‘s producers and writers, said it best in speaking with Rotten Tomatoes in 2019, “Characters on shows now are basically so good to each other and if they are not, they apologize. On Seinfeld, they screwed each other over every single week and remained best of friends the next week.”

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld’s enduring real-life friendship

Larry David, star of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and Jerry Seinfeld have been friends for decades. Perhaps, like Jerry and George, it’s a friendship of convenience, but either way, it’s worked out quite lucratively for both men.

Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong explains how the two comedy legends met, in her book Seinfeldia: The Secret World of the Show About Nothing that Changed Everything.

“Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld first noted their comedic affinity for each other when Seinfeld read some comedic material David had ‘gifted’ a friend, Carol Leifer, for her birthday,” Armstrong writes. “David — nearly broke — had given Leifer some jokes as a birthday ‘gift.’ Too drunk to read them aloud, she handed them off to Seinfeld; he killed, which suggested some creative potential between the two men.”

The ‘Seinfeld’ cast aren’t friends, says Jason Alexander

In real life, Jason Alexander says, speaking as an industry veteran, it’s all just another day at the office. What viewers see on a TV series, like Seinfeld, like Friends, that draws them in, that gives them a sense of familiarity, well, it’s not the same in real life.

Speaking with The Project in Mar. 2020, Alexander clarified that, while the cast members were friendly on set, that’s pretty much where it ended.

“We were never social friends, we were work friends. We had very different lives,” he said. “But we really hung out with each other at the show. We were work mates. After nine years, when the show ended, we kind of went, ‘Oh, bye, see ya!’ ” 

The actor said he and his castmates do keep in touch once in a while with birthday emails, and when they see each other after a long while, “it’s like no time has passed.”

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