‘The Challenge 38’: 4 Conflicts to Expect According to the Full-Length Trailer

The Challenge 38 invites cast members to bring their significant others, family members, or close friends to compete alongside each other. While they consider the other their “ride or die,” host TJ Lavin teases the game will shake up their bond as the game is “truly unpredictable.” Among the cast are exes Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo, Survivor friends Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett, enemies-turned-friends Tori Deal and Devin Walker, married couple Kailah Casillas and Sam Bird, and only family team, returning winner Kaycee Clark and her younger brother Kenny. However, not everything is smooth sailing as the castmates will butt heads throughout the season.

Nany González vs Turbo Çamkıran, Laurel Stucky, and Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio

According to the three-minute extended trailer for The Challenge 38, Nany González arrives sometime after the competition begins alongside seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Speaking with War of the Worlds winner Turbo Çamkıran, presumably before an elimination round, he walked out of the room. Nany yelled at him after him to return and “act like an adult,” but Turbo appeared to continue walking. In another conversation, she confronted him, telling him he didn’t know how to act like a real friend.

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The three-time finalist also appears to get into it with Laurel Stucky at some point, as Nany demands she not interrupt her. Finally, she butts heads with her teammate, who asks if they need to have the conversation while being filmed, annoying Nany.

Her upcoming conflict with Turbo comes as a surprise because the two worked very well together during 2019’s War of the Worlds and established a friendship. However, Nany’s quarrel with Bananas isn’t as shocking as they’ve previously dated. As he wants to have the conversation off-camera, it’s assumed the discussion involves their former romance.

Michele Fitzgerald vs. Devin Walker

Champs Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo also entered in the middle of the game, surprising many of the cast members.

Presumably having a conversation about the upcoming elimination, Veronica encouraged Michele to take a shot at an alliance.

The alliance in question probably includes Devin Walker, as the two got into an argument. He accused her of lying to him while she apparently believed she didn’t.

They previously worked together for one episode in Spies, Lies, and Allies before Emy Alupei stole Devin as her partner. However, her early elimination prevented them from aligning with each other. Therefore, it’s unclear why Devin expects loyalty from Michele unless they made a pact during this season.

Tori Deal vs. Jordan Wiseley

Talking to Devin, her “ride or die,” Tori Deal admitted that she still had unresolved feelings regarding ex-fianceé Jordan Wiseley.

He shocked her, and the rest of the house, by returning as Aneesa Ferreira’s teammate.

In one conversation, she claimed he told her they weren’t completely over, and he insisted his actions weren’t in retaliation. However, Tori didn’t buy it, yelling back, “you’re a liar!”

The situation in question appears to involve rookie Nurys Mateo as the two are caught cuddling. It upset Tori, especially as they apparently spent a night together. Ride or Dies marks the first time they reunite in the same season since ending their engagement in late 2020.

Fessy Shafaat and Horacio Gutiérrez get involved in hookup drama

With Bananas’ narration referring to Fessy Shafaat as “Messy Fessy,” the Big Brother star is in the hot tub with rookie Colleen Schneider and has his arm around her.

He’s later seen in a bed cuddling with Laurel. Additionally, newcomer Horacio Gutiérrez is already turning heads and seems to have a fling with Laurel as well.

In one conversation, she admitted she felt “dumb” because he might have a girlfriend back home.

There are probably other hookups that happened in the house, which will likely result in drama that could impact the game. The Challenge 38 premieres October 12 on MTV.

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