‘The Challenge’: A Contestant Said Cara Maria Sorbello Has a ‘Miserable, Bitter, Toxic Energy Around Her’: ‘I Don’t Want That Around Me’

Cara Maria Sorbello is one of the most well-known contestants from MTV’s The Challenge. While she has a ton of fans, there are plenty of fellow competitors and viewers who seriously dislike her. And one ex-Challenge contestant said Sorbello has horrible energy around her that makes her highly unlikeable on the show. Here’s what Da’vonne Rogers had to say about Sorbello.

Cara Maria Sorbello is not well-liked amongst ‘The Challenge’ cast

Sorbello has rubbed many contestants the wrong way over the years. While she’s known as a physical force to be reckoned with, her interpersonal relationships have caused quite a scene. She’s currently dating Paulie Calafiore, and her history with other competitors like Kyle Christie and Abram Boise has brought her a lot of unwanted attention.

“Me and Cara are never going to have a relationship where we talk because I think she’s a little bit childish about the situation,” Christie explained to the Challenge Mania podcast.

Laurel Stucky had a close relationship with Sorbello through the years, too. And she explained to PeopleTV that she thinks reality TV threw Sorbello into a negative headspace.

“If I’m giving you my honest analysis of it, I really think that reality TV is bad for her and she doesn’t have a separation of who she is on the show and an actual life,” Stucky noted. “She’s not pleasant to be around when you’re around her. It’s sad. It’s honestly a little bit sad.”

A past contestant said Sorbello has a ‘toxic energy’

Da'Vonne Rogers attends CBS's 'Big Brother Season 17' cast party
Da’Vonne Rogers attends CBS’s ‘Big Brother Season 17’ cast party | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

It’s not just Stucky who’s talking about Sorbello. Rogers also spoke to the Challenge Mania podcast about her experience with Sorbello, and she expressed how much she disliked being around the infamous competitor.

Rogers explained she and Sorbello had major beef during War of the Worlds 2. While Rogers and Sorbello were fine in the beginning, Sorbello had issues with Rogers when Rogers started rooting for Sorbello’s enemies. “I noticed that I’m only of use to her when she needs me to do something,” Rogers continued.

“I just decided I didn’t want that type of energy around me” Rogers added regarding Sorbello. “The only thing I said was, I saw who she was as a person and I made a choice, as an adult, to not want that type of energy around mine. … Cara has a very miserable, bitter, toxic energy to her. And I don’t want that around me.”

Sorbello is rumored to not be coming back for season 36

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Rogers told it like it is to Challenge Mania, and she’s certainly not the only one with complaints. Sorbello took season 35 off after feeling like she wasn’t acting like her normal, chipper self, too. And while it seemed like she’d be coming back for season 36, we’re not so sure.

Past contestant Jemmye Carroll retweeted that a “certain male cast member who has a say in production” is mistreating “one of the most popular female competitors on the show.” And Carroll proved they’re talking about Sorbello in the tweet by naming her in the retweet. It’s rumored that Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio is the one allegedly keeping Sorbello from competing.

We have yet to hear about the cast for season 36. But given how much better Sorbello feels without competing on The Challenge, we wouldn’t be too surprised if she’s done with the show for good. And we’re sure if Sorbello and Rogers compete on the same season in the future, they won’t team up.

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